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Pollution Prevention


The JAPEX HSE Policy states that the JAPEX Group will strive to prevent pollution caused by waste and other materials generated in the course of its business activities. The Group also lists pollution prevention and resource recycling as one of the challenges in Core CSR Themes "SHINE."

Based on these policies, we are striving to identify and reduce the amount of waste and chemical substances discharged, especially at production mines and plants, in order to prevent pollution of the atmosphere, soil, and water resources.


Prevention of Air Pollution

The JAPEX Group is working to reduce emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to prevent air pollution. As part of this effort, we have been participating in the Natural Gas Mining Association's voluntary action plan for reducing VOC emissions, implementing the following reduction measures at the JAPEX Group's production sites and plants.

  • Adopt a floating roof system for some crude oil storage tanks to reduce VOC emissions.
  • Incinerate the gases emitted from gas processing facilities as flare to reduce VOC emissions into the atmosphere.

Promoting the Use of Natural Gas

Natural gas emits the least amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) among fossil fuels. It also emits less nitrogen oxides (NOx), which cause photochemical oxidants, and sulfur oxides (SOx), which cause acid rain.

The JAPEX Group uses natural gas for 99% of the fossil fuels it uses. In our business activities, we are also striving to expand existing demand and develop new demand for natural gas, including fuel conversion from coal and oil.


Results Related to Air Pollutant Emissions (FY2019)

The JAPEX Group's VOC emissions in fiscal 2019 totaled 1,125 tons, a decrease of 266 tons (23.6%) compared to the previous year. Although this was due to a reduction in the amount of natural gas released into the atmosphere, the reduction was only 28% compared to the target of 45% for fiscal 2000.

In addition, the concentrations of soot and nitrogen oxides emitted from combustion equipment such as boilers and gas engines at the JAPEX Group's production mines and plants in Japan are all below the standard values.


Leakage Prevention

To prevent leakage of liquids such as mine drainage water and crude oil, we design equipment and prepare operation manuals at the JAPEX Group's production mines and plants, while reflecting hazard registrations based on accident risk assessments. We regularly review hazard registrations, taking into account the aging of facilities and changes in operating conditions, to ensure proper operational management and inspection systems.

Also, in our domestic gas pipeline network, we have implemented measures to prevent leakage in the design of facilities and perform operations to minimize gas leakage in case of emergency.


Results of Liquid Leakage Incidents (FY2019)

In fiscal 2019, the JAPEX Group experienced no cases of leakage of liquids such as mine drainage water and crude oil.


Prevention of Marine Pollution

On the Iwafune-oki offshore platform which operated by our consolidated subsidiary JAPEX Offshore, Ltd. (JPO) is conducting production operations, we are currently implementing various measures to prevent marine pollution as the only offshore production facility in Japan.

  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system: Activation of the Sub Surface Safety Valve (SSSV) in case of abnormalities
    • The main SSSV on the Iwafune-oki offshore platform is located about 100 meters below the seabed in a well producing crude oil.
    • In the event of abnormalities such as platform damage or fire, the system will automatically or manually shut down to prevent the spill of crude oil from the well to the ocean.
  • Corrosion prevention of submarine pipelines: Double corrosion prevention measures
    • The submarine pipelines that transport crude oil and natural gas to onshore terminals are protected by a polyethylene outer shell and electrically protected on the inner surface.

Waste Disposal

The JAPEX Group disposes of industrial waste generated in the course of its business activities in an appropriate manner in accordance with laws and regulations.

We are also making efforts to reduce the amount of waste from the business activity stage and to separate and recycle waste. For example, we outsource the disposal of some of the waste oil and metal scraps from our production mines to specialized contractors for reuse.

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