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Safety & Quality Management


The JAPEX Group strives to ensure safety, quality management, and stable supply so that customers can use our products with confidence. We also provide information to promote awareness of our products and business activities.

Quality Management

The JAPEX Group supplies crude oil and natural gas as products. Water and impurities contained in crude oil and natural gas are removed at the processing plants at the production mines, and samples are periodically analyzed to ensure proper quality and safety.

We check product quality and safety in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, sales contracts, and voluntary standards, and disclose information on hazards, ingredients, and handling in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Safety Management and Stable Supply

Based on a thorough understanding of product characteristics, we implement thorough safety management to prevent leakage at each stage of production, storage, and transportation, and conduct regular disaster drills.

We have prepared accident prevention manuals for transportation by tank trucks and ships, as well as for natural gas pipeline distribution, and share information on safe transportation with our transportation contractors.

In the event of an emergency related to supply, we will secure a stable supply by sharing products with other companies.


Providing Information on Safety and Security

JAPEX provides information on safety and security to our clients and the communities around our offices and mines. In the event of an emergency, we share information quickly and take action in close coordination with relevant organizations.

We share the opinions and requests from our clients and related parties with all relevant organizations within the company and take prompt and appropriate action to maintain and improve the quality of our products and satisfaction with our supply.

We also provide opportunities to visit production sites and plants as needed to gain a better understanding of our products and business.


Preliminary Explanation of Survey and Work

In the exploration and development of oil and natural gas, JAPEX takes care to minimize the impact on the surrounding area when conducting work that must be notified in advance within our district offices, production sites, and administrative premises, and when conducting field surveys outside our business sites and administrative premises.

In particular, when conducting surveys or work outside of our premises, we visit the relevant locations in advance to obtain the necessary information, and then formulate a work plan to minimize the impact on the surrounding area during the implementation of the work.

Before carrying out the work, we explain the project to and inform the local government, fire department, and other relevant authorities, as well as landowners and other related parties, in order to obtain the understanding and cooperation of the local community.

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