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Procurement Policy


The JAPEX Group conducts fair and impartial procurement activities in accordance with its basic policy and strives to procure products and services with low environmental impact.

Basic Policy on Procurement

Based on the JAPEX Group's Basic Policy on Procurement, we conduct fair and impartial procurement activities.

Providing Fair Opportunities

We conduct procurement through fair and impartial competitions on the principle of providing opportunities not only to suppliers and contractors who have worked with us but also to those who have a good reputation and the potential to become partners in the future. In choosing suppliers and contractors, we fairly and comprehensively compare and evaluate quality, prices, delivery times, technical abilities, reliability, financial conditions, and other considerations to make economically sound decisions.

Balancing between Competition and Cooperation

We aim at mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and contractors through fair and impartial procurement activities. With actual business transactions, we carefully assess the dependability of delivery and work times as well as materials and work process management with a view to maintaining good and stable long term relationships with business partners.


In our procurement activities, we comply with relevant laws and regulations, their spirit, and social ethics and norms, and we ask suppliers and contractors to do the same. We do not make any business deal which is contrary and harmful to maintaining the trust of society. We seek to maintain a stable and safe business environment in cooperation with our business partners.


Green Procurement

The JAPEX Group strives to procure products and services with low environmental impact in accordance with the Basic Policy on Green Procurement.

Basic Policy on Green Procurement

  1. Consider thoroughly the necessity of products, services, and construction before purchasing or starting them.
  2. Give priority to environmentally friendly products and services as much as practicably possible. In construction work, make every effort to reduce environmental impact.
  3. Actively cooperate and engage with suppliers and contractors to preserve local and global environment.

We have set a target of 100% eco-friendly products in the procurement of printing and information paper and stationery and office supplies used at our head. office and other offices,

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