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Relationship with Stakeholders


JAPEX makes efforts to build, maintain, and reinforce good relationships with our diverse stakeholders.

Main Expectations and Requests from Stakeholders

JAPEX continuously engages in dialogue with our stakeholders to gain their understanding and cooperation in our business activities. We also aim to contribute to the revitalization and development of the region by responding to the expectations and requests from various stakeholders.

  • Clients: Stable supply of energy, Product safety and quality management
  • Stakeholders and Investors: Timely and accurate disclosure, Appropriate return of profits
  • Local Communities: Social contribution, Creation of employment, Consideration for the environment
  • Oil- and Gas-Producing Countries: Technical support, Creation of employment
  • Business Partners: Formulation and checking of appropriate business plans, Proposal for improvement, Stable operations
  • Transaction Partners: Fair transactions
  • Government: Compliance, Tax payment
  • NGOs and NPOs: Cooperation, Support
  • Employees: Occupational health and safety, Creation of a good working environment, Human resource development, Diversity promotion
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