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Reserves, Production, and Sales

  1. Net Proved Reserves
  2. Net Production Volume
  3. Sales Volume
Net Proved Reserves

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* Proved reserves and production volume are the total of crude oil (including diluted bitumen) and natural gas. Proved reserves are shown by boe (barrels of oil equivalent), and production volume per day are shown by boe/d (barrels of oil equivalent per day).

* Proved reserves are as of the end of the relevant fiscal year, and production per day are the average of the relevant fiscal year, both of which are equivalent to the Company, its consolidated subsidiaries and equity method affiliates' equity share of the Company.

* Proved reserves represents estimated quantities of crude oil and natural gas according to surface conditions that geological and engineering data demonstrate with reasonable certainty to be recoverable from known crude oil and natural gas reservoirs under existing economic and operating conditions. They do not include past production or resources related to undiscovered deposits.

Net Production Volume

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Sales Volume

Crude Oil and Diluted Bitumen

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Natural Gas



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