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About Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)


Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is the liquefied form of natural gas; natural gas is cooled to minus 162 degrees Celsius for liquefaction. Most of LNG supplied in Japan is imported from overseas.

JAPEX ensures stable natural gas supply, both produced in Japan and procured from abroad in the form of LNG, to its clients.

Characteristics of LNG

LNG is made by cooling natural gas to minus 162 degrees Celsius for liquefaction. LNG takes up only about one six-handredth the volume of natural gas, allowing for long-distance transportation by tank trucks and railway tank containers as well as mass storage in tanks. Almost all of LNG supplied in Japan is imported from overseas on ocean-going LNG carriers.

In addition, LNG has recently come under the spotlight as an energy source with a lower environmental impact than other fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Specifically, LNG when burned produces less emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) which is considered a cause of acid rainfall and air pollution, and no emissions of sulfur oxide (SOx), soot and dust.


LNG is turning moisture in the atmosphere into frost at loading


Our LNG Related Business

JAPEX has participated in an LNG-fueled power generation project in addition to procurement of LNG overseas, its reception, storage, transportation, and supply in Japan as follows:

  • LNG procurement: Procuring LNG for our own gas business and fuel of power generation
  • LNG supply to clients: Supplying LNG vaporized gas via our pipelines, or transport LNG in its original liquefied form
  • LNG transportation between own LNG terminals: Transporting LNG between our receiving terminals in Japan by coastal vessels
  • Natural gas power generation: Participating in an LNG-fueled power generation project (through investment in Fukushima Gas Power Co., Ltd.)

In addition, we have aimed to create new supply models, leveraging our expertise in LNG and our existing facilities, to meet various client needs for LNG as a lower environmental impact energy source.


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