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The JAPEX Group has established policies for the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in the JAPEX HSE Policy and the Core CSR Themes "SHINE," and is committed to biodiversity conservation in its business activities in Japan and abroad.


Basic Concept

The JAPEX Group has established a policy in the JAPEX HSE Policy to "promote the conservation of biodiversity and other resources." In addition, we have set "biodiversity and ecosystem conservation" as one of our challenges in our Core CSR Themes "SHINE." Based on these policies, we have formulated and implemented business plans for both domestic and overseas projects and individual projects, based on the premise of conserving biodiversity from the time the project is formulated to the end of the project.

When formulating new business plans, in addition to legally mandated environmental impact surveys, we conduct voluntary environmental impact assessments according to the conditions of rare species and ecosystems in the surrounding area. In existing projects, we are also working to reduce the negative impact of our business activities through regular review of risks and measures as well as ongoing monitoring.

Measures at Domestic Offices

In Japan, JAPEX formulates and implements business plans based on the assumption that we preserve the organisms that live in the vicinity of sites where environmental impact surveys are conducted and that are designated as species to be protected in the Red List and other lists.

After the completion of the construction of project facilities and after the completion of projects, we carry out restoration work in consideration of the maintenance and recovery of the local ecosystem.


Planting trees of native species at the Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant
(Fukushima Gas Power Co., Ltd.)


Efforts in Overseas Projects

The JAPEX Group also takes biodiversity into consideration in overseas projects where it acts as an operator.

In the Indonesia Kangean Project, Kangean Energy Indonesia Ltd. (KEI), a local project company, is supporting the planting of mangrove trees on Lars Island, East Java.

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