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Good Working Environment


JAPEX is working to ensure a good work-life balance and to create a workplace environment where employees who have limited working hours or locations due to childcare, nursing care, or disabilities can also play an active role.


Work-life balance

JAPEX is introducing and reviewing our personnel system in order to optimize working hours and realize an autonomous and flexible working style for each employee.

To support the improvement of employees' work-life balance, mainly the following work system has been introduced throughout the company, except for some shift work positions and workplaces:

  • Flextime system (no core time set)
  • Work-from-home system
  • Annual paid vacations in half-day units
  • Recommended holidays and encouragement to take consecutive summer vacations
  • Clothes Casualization in Office Hours (Trial)

Childcare Support

JAPEX has mainly the following childcare support systems in place.

  • Childbirth
    • Maternity leave: 6 weeks before childbirth (14 weeks in case of multiple pregnancies), 8 weeks after childbirth
    • Maternity leave for spouse: available when spouse gives birth, 3 days per birth
  • Childcare
    • Childcare leave: Up to two years old
    • Nursing care leave: Until the child reaches the fourth grade of elementary school, up to 5 days per year for one child/up to 10 days per year for two or more children, and can be taken on a half-day or hourly basis
    • Shortened working hours for childcare: Until the child enters the fourth grade of elementary school

Intervention Support

JAPEX has mainly the following intervention support systems in place.

  • Nursing care leave: Up to a total of 93 days per person requiring nursing care (may be taken in three installments)
  • Shortened working hours for nursing care: Up to 3 years for each person requiring nursing care

Employee Benefits

JAPEX provides programs to help employees enhance their daily lives and leisure time.

  • Welfare services (Employee Welfare Club)
  • Dormitories for bachelors (located in the Tokyo metropolitan area and other domestic offices) and company housing (located in the Tokyo metropolitan area)
  • Various club activities (running, baseball, tennis, futsal, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Igo/Shogi, etc.)
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