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Forest Protection Activities


The JAPEX Group is engaged in activities and support for forest maintenance in the vicinity of our offices.

These activities not only address climate change and biodiversity conservation, but also provide an opportunity for each employee to think about their awareness of climate change and environmental issues, as well as the relationship between their company and society.


Afforestation Activities

Afforestation Activities by the JAPEX Group

Since 2005, the JAPEX Group has been involved in afforestation activities at four locations in Hokkaido, Akita, and Niigata prefectures, where our offices are located, and providing support for subsequent management.

  • JAPEX Morappu Forest (from 2006)
    • Area: About 7.6 ha around Lake Shikotsu at Tomakomai City, Hokkaido Prefecture
    • Type and number of trees: About 11,000 saplings of needle-leaf trees
  • JAPEX Yuri Forest (from 2005)
    • Area: About 4.5 ha at the northern foot of Mt. Chokai, Yurihonjo City, Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture
    • Type and number of trees: About 8,000 saplings of broad-leaf and needle-leaf trees
  • JAPEX Jomon Forest (from 2007)
    • Area: A total of 11.9 ha, comprising 4.9 ha of land targeted for tree planting and 7.0 ha of incidental forest on the east side of the western hill area of Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture
    • Type and number of trees: About 10,000 saplings of broad-leaf trees
  • JAPEX Sennenmatsu Forest (from 2007)
    • Area: About 6.4 ha around Seiro City, Kitakanbara County, Niigata Prefecture
    • Type and number of trees: About 14,800 saplings of needle-leaf and broad-leaf trees


JAPEX Jomon Forest (as of 2020)

Participation in Local Afforestation Activities

Employees of the JAPEX Group have been participating in afforestation activities aimed at greening areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, such as Shinchi Town in Fukushima Prefecture, where the Soma District Office is located, and the Cities of Soma and Minamisoma.

  • October 2016: "Donguri (acorn) Project 2016 Tree Planting Festival" in Shinchi Town, Soma District
  • November 2017: "The 15th Utsukushima Tree Growing Festival" in the coastal disaster prevention forest improvement site in Shidoke Area, Haramachi, Minamisoma City
  • March 2018: "Tree Planting Festival at Tsurushi Disaster Prevention Green Park" in Shinchi Town, Soma District

Other Greening Activities

The offices of the JAPEX Group companies are engaged in greening activities on their premises while taking into consideration the ecosystem of the surrounding area.

The Soma District Office has been participating in the "Flower-filled Campaign" of Shinchi Town, Fukushima Prefecture since 2019. The Office also volunteered to plant flowers in Ohama Children's Park in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture in 2021.


Flower beds of the Soma District Office prepared for the "Flower-filled Campaign"


The volunteer work in Ohama Children's Park in Soma City Fukushima Prefecture

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