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Core CSR Themes/Materiality


The JAPEX Group places great importance on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in conducting our business. Based on this concept, we have identified five core CSR themes "SHINE."

Moreover, we have defined "Materiality" as the issues to work on now for our sustainable growth selected from "SHINE" and are proceeding to make efforts.

Five Core CSR Themes "SHINE"

We decided on a policy to systematically promote CSR throughout the company in 2012 and established core CSR themes "SHINE" in 2014 while incorporating dialogues and opinions from various stakeholders.

The JAPEX Group Core CSR Themes "SHINE"

  1. [S] Stable and sustainable energy supply
  2. [H] HSE as our culture
  3. [I] Integrity and governance
  4. [N] Being a good Neighbor
  5. [E] The Employer of choice

Setting and Reviewing Each Challenge

We have established each challenges for each of the five core themes and are working on them by setting action plans and targets in line with these challenges.nd targets in line with these challenges.

CSR Activities' Action Plans, Targets, and Achievements

Please refer to the following PDF files for the action plans and targets for the last two fiscal years.

Review Process of Each Challenge

We review each challenge as appropriate based on changes in society and its demands.

Most recently, in 2019, we reviewed the challenge in the following process to re-organize each challenge, including raising the importance of climate change response and governance.

  1. Evaluating present status and identifying challenges: Comprehensively identify CSR challenges while referring to the GRI Standards and other guidelines.
  2. Analyzing and evaluating the challenges: Set the priority of each challenge considering the business impact and the importance to stakeholders.
  3. Conducting internal survey: Conduct an internal survey to define the importance of each CSR challenge for management officers and managers.
  4. Reviewing the items of CSR disclosure: Identify new each challenge based on the results of the evaluation and survey.

Each Challenge in SHINE

[S] Stable and Sustainable Energy Supply

CSR Goals

  • Achieve a stable supply of energy by maintaining table supply sources and infrastructure for crude oil and natural gas, efficient and safe operations, and ensuring the quality and safety of its products.
  • Secure diverse sources of supply by actively participating in the development of geothermal, solar, and other renewable energy sources, as well as unconventional energy sources such as shale oil gas and methane hydrate, while contributing to the development of related technologies such as carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS).

Each Challenge and ESG Classification

  • Stable and sustainable energy supply: S (Society)
  • Development of new technologies: S (Society)
  • Climate change response: E (Environment)

SDGs Target Items



[H] HSE as Our Culture

CSR Goals

  • Secure occupational health and safety, develop various risk management policies and systems, including security risks, and firmly establish a corporate culture that places top priority on occupational health, safety, and the environment (HSE).
  • In conducting its business, strive for energy conservation and the efficient use of natural resources to prevent global warming and ensure the sustainability of resources.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of its activities by preventing water, air, and soil pollution and taking care of our ecosystem.

Each Challenge and ESG Classification

  • Securing occupational health and safety: S (Society)
  • Pollution prevention and resource recycling: E (Environment)
  • Preserving biodiversity and ecosystems: E (Environment)

SDGs Target Items



[I] Integrity and Governance

CSR Goals

  • Practice highly efficient and transparent management under its governance structure.
  • Establish a compliance system that prevents the occurrence of improper activities and legal violations.
  • Foster employee awareness to promote steadfast work practices that are aligned with our Corporate Vision.

Each challenge and ESG Classification

  • Governance: G (Governance)
  • Crisis management: G (Governance)
  • Compliance: G (Governance)

SDGs Target Items



[N] Being a Good Neighbor

CSR Goals

  • Through open and sound communication with stakeholders, gain an accurate understanding of the requirements society places on the JAPEX Group.
  • By creating employment in regions where the Group operates and pursuing fair business practices, achieve co-existence and growth with its business partners, clients, and oil-and gas-producing countries.
  • Respect local cultures and maintain good relationships with local communities through social contribution and funding initiatives outside our business activities.

Each Challenge and ESG Classification

  • Growing together with stakeholders: S (Society)

SDGs Target Items



[E] The Employer of Choice

CSR Goals

  • Establish a friendly workplace where all its employees - encompassing a wide range of nationalities, academic qualifications, and careers--recognize the diversity of each other's attributes, fulfill their individual potential, receive appropriate evaluation and remuneration, improve their technical skills and knowledge, and are able to grow.
  • As a global company, provide an attractive work environment where talented people choose to work.

Each Challenge and ESG Classification

  • Promotion of HR development and diversity*: S (Society)
  • Creating a fair and good working environment: S (Society)

SDGs Target Items


Note) * "Promotion of HR development and diversity" is renamed from "Respecting employee diversity and developing human resources" in line with identifying the materiality in 2023.



To realize carbon neutrality in 2050, JAPEX has assembled "JAPEX2050: Toward a Carbon-Neutral Society" in 2021 as our measure to pursue carbon neutrality. Also, we have formulated the "JAPEX Management Plan 2022-2030" in 2022, including the targets and measures until fiscal 2030 to realize "JAPEX2050."

Based on these actions, we have defined the "Materiality" as what connects core CSR themes "SHINE" and our management plan in 2023. "Materiality" has identified the four issues from "SHINE" as what to work on now for our sustainable growth.


Materiality correlation chart


Issues for Contributing to Society through our business

Stable  energy supply

  • We consider that oil and natural gas will continue to be indispensable energy sources for society even in a carbon neutrality by 2050
  • Based on this consideration, we will continue to work for stable energy supply through the oil and natural gas development

Establishment of CN business

  • In order to realize a stable energy supply even in the future, we will contribute to the carbon-neutral society by establishing CCS and others as our business

Strengthening of Management Foundation

Promotion of HR development and diversity

  • We consider that human resources (HR) are an origin of the value creation and an essential for the realization of our management plan
  • Based on this consideration, we will enhance the ability of each employee for value creation through HR development and strengthen the company-wide capabilities through diversity promotion

Digital transformation (DX)

  • We will realize the working environment for add-valued businesses through the strategic utilization of data and digital technologies and make continuous challenges for further increasing our corporate value
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