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Mitsuke PV Power Plant


Mitsuke PV Power Plant is in operation at the site of our Mitsuke Production Facility, Mitsuke City, Niigata.

Electricity generated by the plant is delivered to the facility of our fully-owned company on the same site using the on-site PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) scheme.



Basic Information

  • Name: Mitsuke PV Power Plant
  • Location: Mitsuke City, Niigata (within JAPEX's Mitsuke Production Facility Site)
  • Land area: 4,957m2
  • Operator: JAPEX (100% of our investment ratio)

Outline of facility

  • Power generation system: Photovoltaic
  • Output capacity: 250kW
  • Annual sales amount of electricity: Approximately 295,000kWh
  • Offtaker: Mitsuke Gas and Chemical Plant of JAPEX SKS Corporation
  • Electricity sales scheme: On-sine PPA


General view/bird view of Mitsuke PV Power Plant

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