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Abashiri Biomass 2nd & 3rd Power Plants


This is a biomass power generation project to develop and operate two 9,900kW class biomass power plants, which use 100% domestic wood chips for fuel, in Abashiri City, Hokkaido.

JAPEX participates in the project as the largest shareholder for the business entities. In addition, our 100% subsidiary has been entrusted the asset management work of the two power plants from the business entities.



Basic Information

  • Name: Abashiri Biomass 2nd Power Plant / Abashiri Biomass 3rd Power Plant
  • Location: 4-3 (2nd Plant) / 4-1 (3rd Plant), Notoro-minato town, Abashiri City, Hokkaido
  • Land area: 2nd Plant: 23,743m3 / 3rd Plant: 23,162m3
  • Business Entities: Abashiri Biomass Power 2 LLC (2nd Plant) / Abashiri Biomass Power 3 LLC (3rd Plant)
    • 33.8% of our shares on each business entity

Outline of Facility

  • Power generation system: Steam power
  • Fuel: 100% domestic wood chips made from woods in Hokkaido: 100%
  • Output capacities: 2nd Plant/3rd Plant each: 9,900kW (total of 19,800kW)
  • Annual sales amount of electricity: Approximately 140 million kWh
  • Offtaker: Hokkaido Electric Power Network, Inc. (fixed price by FIT for 20 years)

Abashiri Biomass 2nd Power Plant
Abashiri Biomass 3rd Power Plant

Abashiri Biomass 2nd Power Plant/Abashiri Biomass 3rd Power Plant


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