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Gas Underground Storage


JAPEX has been conducting natural gas underground storage at the Shiunji gas field in Niigata Prefecture to flexibly address fluctuations in natural gas demand and emergencies. The injected natural gas is re-produced and supplied when needed.

Flow of Natural Gas Underground Storage

The reservoir, underground geological structure, in which natural gas was formerly accumulated can serve as an ideal gas tank requiring no modification. Taking advantage of this characteristic, this technology injects the produced natural gas underground for storage.

Injecting Natural Gas

Natural gas produced in other gas fields is sent to the Shiunji gas field via a pipeline and injected into the well by the compressor of the gas field's injection equipment.

In the Shiunji gas field, natural gas is injected into wells where gas production has already ended.


Compressor of Shiunji Gas Field

Re-producing Natural Gas

The injected natural gas is stored directly in the underground reservoir. When required due to increased demand or other reasons, natural gas is re-produced from the well where the gas has been injected in a way the same as ordinary gas fields.

The re-produced natural gas is supplied via a connecting high-pressure gas pipeline in a way the same as natural gas produced in other gas fields.


Ground equipment at a well where natural gas is injected (Christmas trees)


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