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Water Analysis


JAPEX Research Center is equipped with the facilities and personnel to provide the testing and analysis required in a wide range of fields, from exploration and development to production and transportation, for providing services both in Japan and abroad.

Please refer to Technical Services page about our technical services, including providing research/analysis items and contact.

Summary of Water Analysis

In the process of developing oil and natural gas, some amount of water is co-produced from petroleum wells. Although co-produced water has no commercial value, its analyses provide a variety of information essential to exploration, development, and production.

In addition to water co-produced from wells, JAPEX Research Center analyzes diverse types of waters, including spring water collected during geological field surveys, geothermal water, plant wastewater used at mines, and river water collected for environmental surveys, so as to evaluate reservoirs and help address operational troubles.

Survey/Analysis Items

Water analysis consists mainly of the qualitative and quantitative analyses of water constituents.

  • General water analyses (ion chromatograph, ICP-OES, TOC)
    • Includes the qualitative and quantitative analyses of dissolved ions, trace elements, organic acids; and their isotopic ratios.
  • Analysis of isotopic composition of oxygen/hydrogen (IRMS, cavity ring-down spectroscopy)
    • Measures the ionization and light absorbance potential of water
  • Analysis of organic acids
    • Collects and analyzes acid-treated flowback fluids over time
  • Evaluation of scale precipitation
    • Evaluates the precipitation/solubility of minerals (scale) from water


Ion chromatography


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