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Geochemical Analysis of Natural Gas and Crude Oil


JAPEX Research Center is equipped with the facilities and personnel to provide the testing and analysis required in a wide range of fields, from exploration and development to production and transportation, for providing services both in Japan and abroad.

Please refer to Technical Services page about our technical services, including providing research/analysis items and contact.

Summary of Geochemical Analysis for Natural Gas and Crude Oil

In exploration and production (E&P) of oil and natural gas, geochemical analyses are greatly helpful in reducing a variety of risks associated with E&P activities, such as evaluation for exploration, development of reservoirs, and management of production operations.

Geochemical analyses allow for evaluations of the paleoenvironments where source rocks were formed, their ages and maturity; the conditions and continuity of reservoirs; the petroleum migration and accumulation process to reservoirs, etc. These evaluations are available using geochemical data obtained through a range of analyses, including the analysis of the composition and carbon isotopes of natural gas, and the biomarker composition analysis of crude oil. In fact, these evaluations provide important data that is essential to improving the discovery rates of oil/natural gas and facilitating the preparation of development plans.


Gas Chromatography

Survey/Analysis Items

Geochemical analyses consist primarily of qualitative and quantitative analyses of oil and natural gas.

  • Gas molecular analysis (O2, N2, CO2, C1-C6)
    • Separate gas into individual compounds to evaluate their molecular compositions.
  • Analysis of carbon isotope composition (C1, C2, C3, C4, CO2)
    • Separate gas into individual compounds to measure and evaluate their carbon isotope compositions
  • Extraction of organic matter (source rock / oil-bearing rock samples)
    • Extract organic matters from rock samples.
  • Liquid chromatography (extractable hydrocarbon)
    • Separate extracts from crude oil and source rocks by hydrocarbon type.
  • Biomarker analysis (e.g., Steranes, Triterpenes, and Isoprenoids)
    • Separate extracts from crude oil and source rocks into individual biomarker compounds to evaluate them.
  • Chromatography of gasoline range (C5-C8)
    • Separate gasoline range hydrocarbons into individual compounds to evaluate them.
  • Analysis of carbon isotope composition (extracted hydrocarbon/kerogen samples)
    • Measure and evaluate carbon isotope compositions of extracted hydrocarbons and kerogen samples


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