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Social Contribution Activities


In order to promote understanding of the JAPEX Group's business and contribute to society through our business activities, we are engaged in a variety of social contribution activities in the areas surrounding our offices and elsewhere.

Contributing to the Local Community

Aiming to promote understanding of the JAPEX Group's business activities and develop together as a local community, we are conducting social contribution activities in the areas surrounding the offices where JAPEX or projects in which JAPEX participates perform operations.


Iraq: Garraf Project

With the operator PETRONAS, JAPEX has been engaged in a variety of community activities, with a particular emphasis on education and social welfare.

  • Education: Repairing facilities at local elementary and junior high schools and donating water purification filters
  • Social welfare: Donating wheelchairs and medical equipment to areas where the expansion of medical facilities is an issue

We also provide food during the Ramadan in the Islamic calendar, meat for low-income families in the community during sacrificial festivals, and support for orphans, following the cultural customs of the local community.

Indonesia: Kangean Project

We have provided free electricity and water to about 6,000 people on Pagelungan Island using our own power generation at our production facilities, and dispatched base doctors to local clinics free of charge.

We also donated a certain amount of money every year to the island and the surrounding sea islands to help fund the construction and repair of schools, the construction of ice making facilities to promote fishing, and the building of soccer courts for the entertainment of the residents.



Facility Tours and Work Experience

JAPEX offers tours of our facilities for local governments and residents of the surrounding areas to deepen their understanding of our business, as well as work experience opportunities for local students and pupils.


Tour of the Soma District Office by local school students

Local Events and Activities

As a member of the local community, the JAPEX Group sponsors events and activities organized by local governments and community groups. We also dispatch lecturers to local lectures and exhibit booths at industrial and other events to promote understanding of our business.

Contributing to Local Safety and Security

The JAPEX Group's employees take part in volunteer activities to improve safety and security in the communities where our offices are located.

  • Nagaoka District Office
    • Volunteering to stand guard during school hours three days a week at intersections where there are no pedestrian-only traffic lights on the routes to nearby elementary and junior high schools (implemented since 2011, with a total of 394 participants in fiscal 2020)
    • Also, continuing cleaning activities in the vicinity of the office, including the mine site
  • Hokkaido District Office
    • Participating in the Tomakomai City Traffic Safety Promotion Committee's traffic safety campaign "Large-scale Flag Wave Operation"

Disaster Support Activities

The JAPEX Group contributes relief supplies and monetary donations to the victims of disasters in the areas around our offices. Our employees also has been participating in disaster volunteer activities in the affected areas.

The Soma District Office also has been participating in local recovery events, such as the Reconstruction Industrial Festival and the Tree Planting Festival in Shinchi Town, Fukushima Prefecture, where efforts have been made to recover and develop from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Providing an oil absorbent "ABURA KURAUDO" for oil spills

As an emergency measure against a crude oil spill into the ocean, the JAPEX Group provides "ABURA KURAUDO," which is a high-efficiency oil absorbent is made by OLX LTD.

So far, we provided this product free of charge for crude oil spill off the coast of Saga Prefecture during the torrential rains that occurred in northern Kyushu in 2019, and the heavy oil leaks from a cargo ship that ran aground off the coast of Mauritius in 2020.

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