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Reservoir Simulation Technology


Reservoir simulation technology is used to formulate efficient development plans for reservoirs where oil and natural gas exist. The technology uses computerized numerical calculations to forecast the future, helping to create efficient and effective oil and natural gas development plans.

The reservoir simulation first creates a geological model that visualizes the conditions of the underground oil and gas field, and then creates a reservoir model based on the geological model.

  • Geological model: A visualization of how oil and gas exist underground, based on geological data and knowledge of geological structure and rock properties
  • Reservoir model: A model that visualizes how oil and natural gas move underground based on a geological model

Simulation Images

The reservoir simulation uses a reservoir model that visualizes the existence of oil and natural gas and how they move to predict the future through numerical calculations using computers. This technology examines which recovery methods are the safest and most economical for the reservoir to identify those that can be proposed as efficient and effective development plans.

In addition, the limited information obtained from the underground is always subject to uncertainty. Thus, we use sensitivity analysis and geostatistical methods to take into account uncertainties and narrow down multiple reservoir models that are consistent with the geological and production data.


Examples of four different reservoir models

After narrowing down the candidate reservoir models to a certain extent, we predict the future oil and natural gas production of each model. The range of these forecast results is compared and examined to optimize the exploration and development plan.


Examples of future forecast derived from four different reservoir models


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