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Health Management


The JAPEX Group practices health management with the belief that taking care of employee health contributes to the company's growth and sustainability.

Based on the JAPEX Group Code of Ethics and Conducts, the JAPEX HSE Policy, and the JAPEX Health Management Declaration, we have established a health management promotion system to support employees in maintaining and promoting their health in various ways.


JAPEX Health Management Declaration

In October 2020, JAPEX established the JAPEX Health Management Declaration to demonstrate our commitment to promoting health management as one of the management issues of the JAPEX Group.

JAPEX Health Management Declaration

Established in October 2020

The JAPEX group has the mission for stable energy supply and making social contributions by our business. Aiming to realize our sustainable growth and value maximization based on the mission, Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) is the top priority in our business actions.

With understanding that each employee's health is essential for sustainable growth and value maximization, JAPEX declares to promote health management.

  • Always be conscious of occupational safety and health and strive to ensure it and prevent industrial accidents.
  • Create a comfortable work environment for better health both physically and mentally, including promoting work-life balance.
  • Respect the diversity in values, individuality, and privacy and prevent discrimination and harassment.
  • Promote physical and mental health in cooperation with the health insurance association and the labor union so that employees and their families can live healthily for longer years.

Michiro Yamashita
Representative Director and President

Promotion System

JAPEX has established a promotion system with the President in charge and the Human Resources Department and the General Affairs Department of each office as secretariats. The secretariat is also responsible for coordinating with industrial health staff and external parties and for operating the Health Committee.

The Health Committee, which meets on a monthly basis, consists of industrial physicians, employee representatives, and representatives from occupational health departments. The committee formulates and deliberates policies for activities to create a comfortable work environment, including matters related to employee health and hygiene. The contents of deliberations and important matters are reported to the HSSE committee members as necessary.


Health Management Promotion System

Main indicators in Health Management

  • High stress levels in stress checks:8.9 (FY 2022), 9.0 (FY 2021)
  • Presenteeism*1: 26.3 (FY 2022), 19.3(FY 2021)
  • Absenteeism*2: 1.4days (FY 2022), 1.1days (FY 2021)
  • Work engagement*3: 5.0 points (FY 2022), 5.2 points (FY 2021)

Number of Participants and Response Rates in FY 2022

Presenteeism: Conducted with 1,314 individuals, Response rate 58.5% (769 individuals)

Absenteeism: Calculated from the work data of 1,203 individuals (1.4 days)

Work Engagement: Conducted with 1,314 individuals, Response rate 91.1% (1,197 individuals)

*1: Average of answers based on SPQ (Single-Item Presenteeism Question by University of Tokyo)

*2: Average of all employees' using days of the system on sick/injury absence, leave of absence, reducing working hours converted in days

*3: Average responses to two questions related to the New Occupational Stress Quick Survey and Work Engagement.

Promoting Employees Health

In addition to the regular health checkups required by law, JAPEX offers programs to support employee health promotion, awareness raising, and preventive measures against infectious diseases.

Regular Medical Checkups and Follow-up System

In addition to the legally mandated regular medical checkups, we recommend that employees over the age of 35 and 40 undergo a complete medical checkup. We also conduct abdominal circumference measurement for employees under 40 to raise their awareness of lifestyle-related diseases from a young age.

After the regular medical checkups, we provide follow-ups such as interviews with industrial physicians for employees at high risk of health problems. We also encourage low-risk employees to improve their health and prevent illness, providing health support with a view to post-retirement.

In addition, to promote early cancer detection among employees, cancer screenings recommended by local governments are treated as work hours.

We also provide not only medical checkups at the time of employment but also medical checkups for workers dispatched for specific jobs and overseas as needed.

As for mental health, we conduct an annual stress check (test) for all employees. For those experiencing mental health issues, we provide support to balance work and treatment, as well as assistance for employees returning to work after a leave of absence. Furthermore, after conducting the stress checks, we perform group analysis and present the results to the management and supervisory staff to work on improving the workplace environment.

In addition, in light of the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus infection, starting from April 2020, we have established a system for conducting interviews and consultations with industrial health staff through web conferencing systems as part of our Business Continuity Planning (BCP) response.

  • Interviews after medical checkups
  • Specific health guidance interviews by health insurance associations
  • Mental health consultations

Initiatives in Health Issues

At our company, we have recognized the increasing trend in the rate of individuals with health concerns as a challenge. To address this, we have been conducting an annual walking campaign and, since FY 2017, have continued with a diet campaign. Starting in FY 2019, we introduced a health promotion app that records activities such as steps, meals, and sleep, which provides advice using AI across the entire organization.

Beginning in FY 2022, to foster connections between employees and the local community through their participation in health promotion activities, we've organized charity events as part of the diet and walking campaigns. These events offer Fukushima Prefecture's recovery support products and Akita Prefecture's recovery support products as prizes.

Number of Participants

Diet Campaign: FY 2023 - 134 participants, FY 2022 - 92 participants

Walking Campaign: FY 2023 - 209 participants, FY 2022 - 186 participants

Furthermore, the rate of individuals aged 40 and above who maintain a healthy weight has fluctuated between 62% and 66% since FY 2019. However, we aim to exceed 67% by FY 2026. We also conduct annual waist circumference measurements during regular health check-ups to create awareness in individuals under 40.

In addition, we are implementing the following initiatives to support the health promotion of each and every employee.

Key Initiatives in Health Management

  • Development of health management strategy map
  • Establishment of health and mental health consultation services
  • Group analysis and feedback on stress checks
  • Mental health training
  • Psychological safety seminars
  • Health seminars by external instructors
  • Health workshops by occupational health physicians
  • Work-life balance training for parenting and caregiving support
  • Health e-learning (exercise, diet, sleep, headache, shoulder pain, alcohol dependency, infectious diseases, etc.)
  • Fatigue checks for monthly overtime workers (45 hours or more)
  • Occupational health consultations for long overtime workers (80 hours or more)
  • Establishment of company-recommended holidays (promotion of leave days)
  • Promotion of continuous use of paid leave
  • Establishing cancer screening time as working hours
  • Charity diet campaign
  • Charity walking campaign
  • Daily radio exercises

Women's Health Support

  • Establishment of a women's health consultation service
  • Conducting female employees oriented surveys on health
  • Seminars by university professors on cancers that predominantly affect women (152 participants, satisfaction rate of 4.15, (on the scale of 1 for not satisfied at all to 5 for very satisfied)
  • E-learning modules on women-specific health topics

No smoking measures

  • Smoke-Free Office (in some locations)
  • Establishment of Smoking-Free hours and days (in some locations)
  • Smoking cessation workshops conducted by occupational health physicians
  • Full provision of smoking cessation aids
  • Full provision of smoking cassation program

Communication Enhancement

  • Conducting 1-on-1 meetings
  • Conducting management and employee dialogue
  • Conducting employee's children visit days(for elementary school students)
  • Establishing thanks point system
  • Participation in local events (festivals, volunteer activities, etc.)
  • Support for welfare committee activities
  • Publishing internal reports

Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Each office in Japan and overseas confirms health risks, including infectious diseases, in the execution cycle of the HSE Management System (HSE-MS), and thoroughly educates employees on the prevention of infectious diseases on a regular basis.

As a measure to reduce the risk of infectious diseases among employees, JAPEX provides support for group and individual vaccinations against influenza, and conducts antibody tests for measles and rubella during medical checkups.  Furthermore, JAPE conducted workplace vaccination for COVID-19.  For expatriates and their families, we provide medical checkups before, during, and after their stay in Japan, as well as vaccinations and preventive medications for diseases in the country where they are stationed.

As part of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), we have been preparing for large-scale outbreaks of infectious diseases, including new strains of influenza.


Actual Results of Initiatives and Efficacy Evaluation in Health Management Activities

Work-life balance

  • Average overtime per month (excluding shift employees): 15.4 hours (FY 2022), 14.9 hours (FY2021
  • Average days of taking paid leave: 15.8 days (FY 2022), 15.4 days (FY 2021)
  • Average rate of taking paid leave: 83.2% (FY 2022), 81.5% (FY 2021)

Employees' Actual Participation Rate in Health Related Check-ups and Trainings

  • Regular medical checkups: 100.0% (FY 2022), 100.0% (FY2021)
  • Follow-up tests after regular medical checkups: 80.7% (FY 2022), 68.8% (FY 2021)
  • Specified medical checks (overall): 94.3%(FY 2021)、95.3% (FY 2020)
  • Specified health guidance: 43.2%(FY 2021)、42.2% (FY 2020)
  • Stress check: 91.1% (FY 2022), 82.5% (FY 2021)
  • Mental health training: 43.2% (FY 2022)
  • Training for women-specific health issues (All Employees): 43.5% (FY 2022), 51.9% (FY 2021)
  • Training for women-specific health issues (All Managers): 34.9% (FY 2022)
  • Health e-learning implementation rate: 46.1% (FY 2022)
  • Influenza Vaccination :57.6% (FY 2022), 63.5% (FY 2021)

Employees' Health Check-ups Results (over 40 years old)

  • Maintaining healthy weight: 62.8% (FY 2022), 65.5% (FY 2021)
  • Smoking: 21.2 (FY 2022), 21.4 (FY2021)
  • Regular exerciser: 28.8% (FY 2022), 28.4 (FY 2021)
  • Well rested through sleep: 69.4 (FY 2022), 66.8 (FY 2021)
  • Regularly drinking: 31.4 (FY 2022), 28.5% (FY 2021)
  • Blood-pressure risk: 0.8 (FY 2022), 0.4% (FY2021)
  • Potential of blood-sugar risk: 0.5 (FY 2022), 0.3% (FY 2021)
  • Poor diabetes control: 1.4% (FY 2022), 1.1% (FY2021)

Main Certifications

Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations

JAPEX has been selected as one of the " the Health & Productivity Stock Selection 2024" which recognizes excellent health management practices. In addition, we have also been certified as White 500 Company in Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program.


Sports Yell Companies

JAPEX is certified as a Sports Yell Company 2024, which is a company to take active measures to increase its employees' health by supporting and encouraging their sports activities.



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