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JAPEX has established Research Center as an organization specifically for research and development (R&D) within the Technical Division, which is a company-wide cross-sectional technical division.

Research Center widely disseminates our R&D efforts and publishes some of the results of its work at conferences and lectures in the hope of further improving the technical capabilities of the organization and individuals.

The publications have been published once a year since 2001 as a compilation of papers and abstracts of lectures published by the members of Research Center in academic journals and research presentations in Japan and abroad. Note that only the table of contents is made widely available to the public, as many of the publications require permission for reproduction.

For inquiry about the contents of the publications, please feel free to contact our Research Center (support.rc@japex.co.jp).

FY2021 - 2030

FY2011 - 2020

FY2001 - 2010

Before FY2000


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