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All executives and employees in the JAPEX Group commit to act ethically and sincerely, to comply with socially accepted norms as well as laws and ordinances and to firmly entrench the corporate culture emphasizing compliance.

Promotion System

The JAPEX Group has established the Compliance Manual and a collection of explanations in the form of case studies, which summarize the key matters and standards to be observed during business operations in accordance with the JAPEX Group Code of Ethics and Conduct. The manuals and explanations are revised as appropriate and disseminated throughout the company.

We have also established the Management Risk Committee, chaired by the President. This committee deliberates on systems and policies for the proper execution of business operations, including the establishment and revision of the Compliance Manual and other documents, as well as compliance violations.


Compliance Items

The Compliance Manual specifies the following items as matters to be observed.

  1. Compliance with related laws and regulations
  2. Prohibition of acts against corporate interests
  3. Proper accounting and tax reporting
  4. Health, safety, and environment (HSE)
  5. Respect for human rights
  6. Fair procurement and transactions
  7. Maintenance of sound and transparent relationships with politics and administration
  8. Prohibition of providing benefits to anti-social forces
  9. Appropriate management of information
  10. Proper use of information systems
  11. Prohibition of insider trading
  12. Protection of intellectual property rights, etc.

Awareness Raising

The JAPEX Group has three basic items that employees should be aware of in their daily work: CSR, compliance, and the prevention of insider trading. These items are required lectures in the new employee training and career stage training conducted every year.

The seminar for executives focuses on the latest trends and issues to be addressed in environment, society, and governance (ESG) including compliance.


Prevention of Bribery and Corruption

The JAPEX Group Code of Ethics and Conduct stipulates that the group shall maintain sound and normal relationships with politics and government. In addition, the Compliance Manual, established based on these guidelines, provides details on compliance items and ensures that all executives and employees comply with them.

Bribery Prevention Guidelines

The JAPEX Group has established and are operating the Bribery Prevention Guidelines, which stipulate the establishment of an operational system to ensure compliance with anti-bribery laws and regulations and the clarification of internal approval procedures. Based on these guidelines, we are working to enhance the effectiveness through regular self-checks and anti-bribery training for our employees.

In fiscal 2021, there were no violations of the Bribery Prevention Guidelines. In addition, we do not make any political donations.


Report and Consultation System

The JAPEX Group has a system to report or consult about compliance requirements including the respect of human rights, fair procurement and trade, and proper and appropriate relationship with politics and government. The system ensures the external helpline directly asking the corporate attorney, providing confidentiality being able to ask anonymously, and prohibiting unfair treatment, in order to protect those who use them.

In fiscal 2021, we received one report or consultation based on this system and handled it appropriately.


Report & Consultation System

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