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United States: Tight Oil Project


This is a tight oil (shale oil) development project in the south of Texas, the United States, promoted by the operator Marathon Oil Corporation.

In 2012, JAPEX acquired development interests through our local subsidiary, JAPEX (U.S.) Corp. (JUS) to participate in the project.


  • In production: Tight oil (Shale oil)


Production site of Tight Oil Project

Basic Information

  • Name: Middle McCowen (Eagleford formations)
  • Location: Southern area of Texas, United States (Atascosa, McMullen and Live Oak Counties)
  • Operator: Marathon Oil Corporation
  • JAPEX project company: Japex (U.S.) Corp. (JUS: Consolidated subsidiary, investment ratio 100%)
  • Participating interest: Marathon Oil Corporation (95%), JUS (5%)


Location of Middle McCowen (Southern area of Texas)


* Events after our participation only

  • August 2012: Acquired development interests through JAPEX (U.S.) Corp. (JUS) to participate in the project.
  • January 2013: Acquired additional development interests in areas around existing blocks.
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