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Water Resources


The JAPEX Group is working to identify and reduce water consumption at all offices under the policy of "promoting the conservation of water, biodiversity, and other resources" set forth in the JAPEX HSE Policy. In particular, in oil and natural gas development and production sites that use a lot of water resources, we are working to reduce the amount of water used by reusing it and taking measures to prevent pollution.


Water Risk Assessment

JAPEX has started the evaluation of water risks since fiscal 2021 to strengthen the water resource management in the area by the JAPEX Group as an operator. We regularly evaluate water risks in those areas using Aqueduct, a water risk mapping tool of the World Resources Institute (WRI).

As of April 2021, there are no sites with high water stress in our operational areas.

Reduction of Water Consumption through Reuse

The JAPEX Group is striving to reduce water consumption by promoting the use of water resources used in development and production sites.

  • Development sites: Adopt a circulation system to collect and reuse drilling mud and equipment cooling water, and use collected rainwater for drilling mud
  • Production sites in Japan: Reuse water resources for various applications, such as cooling water for production mines and plant processing facilities, impurity removal treatment for natural gas and boiler water, and LNG vaporization

Wastewater Treatment

The JAPEX Group appropriately handles water resources used in its business activities. In addition to being discharged as sewage, the water used in the production of oil and natural gas and well water generated underground are either reduced by underground injection or purified to meet the effluent standards set by laws and regulations before being released into public waters.

Measures at the Iwafune-oki Platform

At the Iwafune-oki platform in Niigata Prefecture, which is the only offshore oil and gas field production facility in operation in Japan, we have been treating the water resources used in operations and other activities with the utmost care.

  • All wastewater that may contain oil is passed through an oil-water separator called a sump caisson, and only the water is discharged into the ocean.
  • Discharged water is sampled monthly, and water quality is tested by specialists to ensure that it complies with the standard of discharged water.
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