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Domestic Gas Supply Network


JAPEX has built the domestic gas supply network to supply natural gas and LNG mainly to local gas distributors and large-scale clients.

To respond to varying demands and needs for natural gas and LNG, which are considered to have the least environmental impact of fossil fuels, we have a system to supply natural gas produced at our domestic gas fields and LNG procured from abroad to our clients using a combination of multiple transportation methods.


JAPEX's Domestic Gas Supply Network

Roles and Component Elements of the Network

Supply to Clients

JAPEX transports and supplies gas or LNG in its original liquefied form to our clients in optimal methods to their specific needs.

  • High-pressure gas pipelines: Equipped to supply gas to our clients by mixing natural gas produced in Japan and LNG vaporized gas
    • Highly stable supply to clients is ensured by sending gas into the Niigata-Sendai Gas Pipeline from both the Sea of Japan side and the Pacific Ocean side
  • LNG Satellite System: Enables to transport LNG in its original liquefied form to clients by tank trucks and tank containers on railway
    • An LNG tank container on railway is a break-through LNG transportation solution developed by JAPEX for the first time in Japan, and has been gaining high interest from abroad

Transportation between LNG Terminals

To ensure stable supply to domestic clients in need of natural gas, JAPEX procures LNG in overseas markets and receives LNG transported by ocean-going LNG carriers at our LNG terminals in Japan.

At LNG receiving terminals inaccessible for ocean-going LNG carriers, coastal vessels are used instead to respond to the demands from our supply area.


LNG Procurement

LNG for our business is procured by the Tokyo Head Office and the Singapore Representative Office in cooperation with each other.

Our LNG procurement secures the competitiveness by flexibly combining long-term and spot transactions depending on market conditions, in line with the procurement volume and timing of our business plan.

Measure to Demands for Carbon-Neutrality

For a measure to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emission in the whole society, JAPEX supplies and sells carbon-neutral natural gas/LNG, which offset the GHG emitted during the process of operation from development to combustion of natural gas, using the credits certified by certification entities.

We have been procuring carbon-neutral LNG, which has been offset by CO2 credits in advance, and selling it including its vaporized gas. In addition, we have been handling natural gas and LNG with CO2 credits, which we purchased by ourselves.

Independent Validation and verification for Carbon-Neutral Natural Gas/LNG Sales

In order to secure higher credibility of our carbon-neutral natural gas/LNG, we undergone an annual validation and verification for its sales rule and operation status by SOCOTEC Certification Japan, which is a fair and impartial third-party organization.

The validation and verification report is as below.

Validation and Verification Report (Surveillance) on Calculation and Operation System of Carbon Neutral Natural gas/ LNG in FY2023 (642KB)

For Inquires about JAPEX' Domestic Gas Supply

For inquiries about our domestic gas supply, please contact us at:

Contact about JAPEX's Domestic Gas Supply

Marketing & Sales Planning Dept., Marketing & Sales Division,

Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.

Tel: +81-3-6268-7124 (Direct to the Dept.)

*on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:30, except for the new year's holidays and our foundation anniversary day of the 1st Monday of December

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