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Indonesia: Kangean Project


This is a project to develop and produce mainly natural gas in Kangean Block offshore East Java of Indonesia.

JAPEX acquired interests in the block in 2007 through an investment in Energi Mega Pratama Inc. (EMPI) to participate in the project.

We dispatch our staff to Kangean Energy Indonesia Ltd. (KEI), an EMPI subsidiary and operator. We have played a leading role in the formulation of development plans and development work in the block, and are accumulateing technology and experience in the development and production of offshore oil and gas fields.


  • In production of natural gas
    • The natural gas produced is mainly sold to a state-owned electric power company and fertilizer factories in the suburbs of Surabaya City, East Java.


Kangean Block offshore production facility (FPU: Floating Production Unit)

Basic Information

  • Name: Kangean Block
  • Location: Offshore East Java
  • Operator: Kangean Energy Indonesia Ltd. (KEI)
  • Project Company: Energi Mega Pratama Inc. (EMPI: JAPEX investment ratio 25%)
  • Participating Interest: KEI(60%), EMP Exploration (Kangean) Ltd. (EMPE40%)
    • KEI and EMPE are both 100% subsidiary of EMPI (JAPEX net 25%)


Location of Kangean Block (Offshore East Java, Indonesia)


* Events after our participation only

  • May 2007: Invested in Energi Mega Pratama Inc. (EMPI) and acquired interests in Kangean Block.
  • January 2011: Started production at Pagelungan Utara Oil Field.
  • May 2012:Started production at the Teran gas field of the TSB Gas Fields.
  • March 2019: Started production at the Sirasun and Batur gas fields of the TSB Gas Fields.
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