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Soma LNG Terminal


Soma LNG Terminal is the first large-scale LNG terminal in Fukushima Prefecture, comprising two LNG tanks with a capacity of 230,000kL, the largest class ground type-type tanks in Japan. The terminal receives and stores LNG from abroad, vaporizes LNG and sends out LNG vaporized gas into pipelines, and ship LNG in its original liquefied form.

Soma LNG Terminal is the first terminal of our own that is provided with a receiving jetty for ocean-going LNG carriers. The Terminal, which is central to our domestic gas distribution network, has contributed to increasing the volume and stability of natural gas supply in Japan.


Overview of the Terminal

Soma LNG Terminal serves functions related to our domestic gas supply network as shown below. Under the consignment from Fukushima Gas Power Co., Ltd. (FGP), the terminal also stores and vaporizes LNG and sends out vaporized LNG gas to the adjacent Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant as fuel.

  • Reception and storage of LNG: Unloads LNG from ocean-going LNG carriers, and stores it in LNG tanks
    • Including LNG as fuel for power generation, procured by FGP's shareholders which are JAPEX and other partners
  • Vaporizes LNG, and sends out LNG vaporized gas: Sends to a pipeline, after adjusting its heat quantity with additional LNG as needed
    • Into the network mainly consist of Niigata-Sendai Gas Pipelines (via the Soma-Iwanuma Gas Pipeline)
    • vaporizes LNG and sends out LNG vaporized gas as fuel to the power generation plant, under the consignment contract with FGP
  • Shipping by LNG tank trucks: Loads and ships LNG in its original liquefied form on tank trucks

Main Facilities

  • Receiving facilities
    • A Jetty for LNG ocean-going carriers (125,000 to 210,000m3 class)
    • A Jetty for LPG coastal vessels (2,500m3 class, used also by LNG coastal vessels for shipping)
  • Storage facilities
    • Two LNG tanks (ground-type, PC(*1) model, with capacity of 230,000 kL per tank)(*2)
    • Two LPG tanks (spherical shape, with capacity of 1,000t per tank)
  • Vaporization equipment
    • Two Equipment for pipes (with send-out capacity of 7.0MPa 75t/h, including one as a backup shared with a backup for power plants)
    • Two Equipment for power plants (with send-out capacity of 5.0MPa 75t/h)(*2)
  • Shipping facilities
    • One LNG coastal vessel for shipping (max. 4,800m3 class)
    • Five Lanes for LNG tank trucks (30t/h)


Soma LNG Terminal (left back) / FGP Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant (right)


*1 Prestressed concrete refers to a form of concrete that is prepressed (compressed); we have used prepressed concrete for dikes covering the surfaces of LNG tanks. In case LNG leaks from a tank, the prepressed concreate helps withstand liquid pressure applied to the dike.

*2: No.2 tank and the two vaporizing facilities for power generating fuels are constructed in Phase ll (with JAPEX managing and operating them as the FGP's assets).

Basic Information

  • Name: Soma LNG Terminal (Soma District Office of JAPEX)
  • Location: Soma Port No.4 Wharf, Shinchi-town, Soma County, Fukushima Prefecture
  • Site Area: About 20ha
  • Operation Commencement: March, 2018


  • November 2013: Made a final decision to invest in construction of Soma LNG Terminal and a connecting pipeline
  • November 2014: Started construction
  • October 2016: Made a final decision to invest in Phase II construction by Fukushima Gas Power Co., Ltd. (No.2 LNG tank, and expansion of vaporizing facilities)
  • April 2017: Started Phase ll construction
  • December 2017: Received the first cargo of an ocean-going LNG carrier
  • March 2018: Commenced operation
  • April 2020: Commenced consigned vaporization of LNG as power generation fuel for FGP Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant
  • August 2020: Commenced full-fledged operation of all facilities constructed in Phase ll
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