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Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration


Aiming to contribute for further development of the energy sector in Japan, the JAPEX Group is working for policy recommendation including petroleum development and future human resources development, collaborating with joining industrial associations.

Participating Associations

JAPEX participates in industrial associations mainly as follows:

  • Japan Petroleum Development Association (JPDA)
  • Japan Natural Gas Association

In addition, we participate the study groups and consortiums, which organize with public and private sectors in specific matters appropriately.

Policy Recommendation

JAPEX makes policy recommendations concerning inexpensive and stable energy supply in Japan appropriately. Our participating industrial associations also submit the requests to the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy, which is responsible for the energy policies in Japan.

Our business managers and specialists participate in governmental study groups and councils to suggest making policies and systems more effective.

Collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes

The JAPEX Group has been collaborating with universities and research institutes on advanced technical studies for petroleum development and the development of specialized human resources who carry for the future.

Dispatching Lecturers

As part of the education and human resource development for the oil E&P industry, JAPEX has been dispatching lecturers to training programs at research institutes and industry organizations and has been providing intensive lectures at universities.

To Research Institutes and Industry Organizations

  • Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC): Support programs for overseas engineers, specialized technical courses, project courses, and programs for acquiring basic knowledge of the petroleum mining industry
  • Japan Petroleum Development Association (JPDA): Basic program for oil and natural gas development
  • The Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology (JAPT): "Summer school for petroleum development" as an exchanging place for students majoring in oil exploration and production

To Intensive Lectures at Universities

  • Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo: Third year's student of Energy and Environment Course, Department of Systems Innovation
  • Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University: Special Lecture on Advanced Resource and Energy Engineering
  • Graduate School of Science, Chiba University: Intensive Lectures
  • School of Education, Waseda University: Spring Semester Lectures
  • School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University: Spring Semester Lectures
  • Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University: Lectures
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