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CCUS (Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization, and Storage)


Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is a technology to effectively utilize the carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by plants and power plants before it is released into the atmosphere, and to store it deep underground. This technology has been studied both in Japan and overseas to secure oil and natural gas resources and substantially reduce CO2 emissions at the same time.

JAPEX aims for the practical use and commercialization of CCUS based on the verification tests and surveys we have conducted, considering the effective use of valuable oil and natural gas assets in Japan and the contribution to the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 policy set by the Japanese government in the fall of 2020.


About CCUS

CCUS is a technology not only to inject and store CO2 deep underground like CCS and but also to effectively use CO2 before storing it underground.

This technology is said to accomplish the following two achievements simultaneously. Accordingly, as a technology that can play a major role in achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, early practical use and commercialization of CCUS are expected to be accomplished.

  • Increasing oil and natural gas production: Increasing production by injecting CO2 into depleted oil and gas fields.
  • Reducing real CO2 emissions: Reducing CO2 in the atmosphere by storing it in oil and gas fields.

JAPEX's Initiatives on CCUS

JAPEX is currently promoting the following CCUS-related initiatives by establishing a dedicated department:

  • Developing the Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO2-EOR) technology using CO2
  • Developing the Enhanced Gas Recovery (CO2-EGR) technology using CO2

In addition, we participate in the Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage Technology Research Association, which was established by the public and private sectors to promote research and development of large-scale CO2 storage technologies for CO2 including CCS, and also in public-private review meetings established by the central or local governments to realize carbon neutrality by using technologies including CCUS.


Verification Test at Sarukawa Oil Field

JAPEX participates in the Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage Technology Research Association, as a member. The organization conducted a CO2 microbubble injection verification test using an existing well at Sarukawa Oil Field in Akita Prefecture from fiscal 2019 to 2020. We have confirmed that injecting CO2 into the well in the form of microbubbles improves the CO2 storage rate and crude oil recovery rate compared to injecting CO2 in the standard form.

From FY2021 onward, we have been reviewing practical use in the field based on the results obtained from this verification test.


Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage Technology Research Association

The Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage Technology Research Association (GCS), established in March 2016, is an organization aiming at developing CO2 geological storage technology on a practical scale, with the participation of companies and public research institutions involved in the CO2 geological storage technology.

JAPEX has been a member of the association since its establishment. We play a leading role in studying of CO2 microbubble injection technology among the technologies for effective injection and use of large-scale reservoirs.

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