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Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant


Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant, located at Soma Port No.4 Wharf, is an LNG-fueled power plant with a maximum output of 1.18 million kW.

The plant is managed and operated by Fukushima Gas Power Co., Ltd. (FGP,) which has five shareholders, led by JAPEX.


The plant is fueled by natural gas, which has a lower environmental impact than other fossil fuels. Addition of innovative technology components to the proven facility has enabled the plant to achieve world-class generation efficiency. Further, the plant has sought to reduce its impact on the ecosystem in the neighborhood by taking measures, such as placing its thermal discharge outlet outside the port.

Main Facilities

  • Means of power generation: Gas turbine and Gas Turbine Combined-Cycle (GTCC)
  • Output: 1.18 million kW (two 0.59-million kW power generation units)
  • Fuel: Natural gas (LNG vaporized gas)
    • Our Soma LNG Terminal has stored and vaporized LNG fuel and supplied the vaporized gas to the plant under the consignment from FGP.
  • Generation efficiency: Approximately 61% (based on the Lower Heating Value standard)
  • Other ancillary facilities: Water intake and discharge facilities, and the main office building

Basic Information

  • Name:Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant
  • Location:No.4 Wharf of Soma Port at Shinchi Town, Soma County, Fukushima Prefecture
  • Site Area:Approximately 10 hectale
  • Operator:Fukushima Gas Power Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: FGP, 33% of JAPEX's share)


  • May 2015: Established Fukushima Gas Power Co., Ltd.
  • October 2016: Made a decision to construct Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant
  • August 2017: Started preparations for the construction
  • October 2017: Started construction of the main structure of the plant
  • December 2019: Commenced power generation at No.1 Unit
  • April 2020: Commenced commercial operation of No.1 Unit
  • August 2020: Commenced commercial operation of No.2 Unit (commencement of full-fledged commercial operation of the plant)


Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant
(photo provided by Fukushima Gas Power Co., Ltd., with our Soma LNG Terminal on the back)


About Tolling Method

The Soma Port natural gas power generation project based in the Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant has adopted the proprietary tolling method. Each of the project partners that are shareholders of FGP delivers fuel LNG to FGP and then FGP delivers the amount of electricity commensurate with the volume of LNG delivered back to each of them.

JAPEX, as one of the project partners, procures the volume of LNG corresponding to the amount of electricity it plans to sell, receives the amount of electricity in return for the LNG it procured, and then sells it to its contracted and other clients.

Under the consignment from FGP, we also store and vaporize LNG procured and delivered by each of the project partners of FGP, and supplies the vaporized gas to the plant.

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