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Human Resource Development


JAPEX supports the self-realization of individual employees through career development. For that purpose, the systems and programs are provided to them for the effective formation and improvement of the required abilities and skills.

Career Development System

JAPEX introduces a career development program to help employees identify their desired careers and effectively develop and improve their skills and abilities required to realize those goals.

This program defines the three human resource types needed to carry out our business, and the career development guidelines is established for acquiring the skills and experience required for each human resource. Employees can choose courses tailored to their career goals and proceed with the necessary experience and learning while checking their status and goals through regular career development meetings with their managers.

  • Global leaders who can be responsible for strategy formulation and business promotion
  • Business leaders who can manage function-specific organizations
  • Advanced specialists who can contribute to businesses through expertise in specialized fields

Support System for Higher Education and Study

The system to support privately-funded higher education and study in job-related fields is introduced.

  • Up to two years of study leave (no pay)
  • Short-time work and special leave of up to 10 days per year (no pay) to the extent necessary for further education at a domestic educational institution
  • Support for study at domestic graduate schools (e.g., MBA programs at night and on weekends)

Education and Training Programs

Employees can have opportunities to participate in the company-wide training depending on their seniority and role, which will help them develop their career.

  • Career design training for setting their future voluntarily career goals
  • Career stage training for the awareness of employee roles at each position
  • Business skills training such as logical thinking and better presentations

Employees also can use an e-learning system that allows them to select courses related to new fields such as IT skills as well as basic business skills.

Developing Human Resources for Overseas Business

Opportunities for overseas study and training are provided in order to develop human resources responsible for overseas related businesses.

  • Study at overseas graduate schools
  • Overseas training (Practical training at our overseas offices, dispatch to educational institutions in Europe and the United States)
  • Improving English skills (Subsidizing correspondence courses, providing online English lessons, etc.)

Various education programs for overseas human resources are also provided.

  • Studying negotiation and agreement, finance, and project case studies
  • Enhancement of capabilities in project management and leadership
  • Improvement of practical skills in the commercial evaluation

Development of Next-generation Management Personnel

the aim of early selection and continuous development of next-generation human resources who have the capabilities to lead and steer our business from a company-wide perspective. Employees aged 30 to 45 in the period of developing their abilities are selected by two separate terms as follows:

  • First half (30-37 years old) : Step up to become a next-generation leader by acquiring and expanding the range of skills and minds required for managerial personnel
    • Learning the basics of management knowledge and the management mindset to acquire problem-solving skills and leadership and cultivating a management perspective from an early stage
  • Second half (38-45 years old): Develop next-generation leaders with the skills and mindset of management personnel
    • Embodying ownership and leadership as next-generation management personnel while enhancing management knowledge and its application, as well as management mindset

Objective Management and Personnel Evaluation System

JAPEX has the system to manage individual objectives and personnel evaluations based on the annual objectives (KGI/KPIs) set for each organization with respect to our company-wide targets.

Each employee set their individual objectives at the beginning of the year, manage the progress of achievement, and evaluate the level of achievement at the end of the year. Evaluations are conducted on both the outcome of the objective (output evaluation) and the action taken to achieve it (process evaluation).

At mid-term and end-of-term evaluations, employees meet with their managers to receive advice and feedback on their work and career development.

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