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JAPEX is Certified as Sports Yell Company 2023

Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX) was certified today as a Sports Yell Company 2023, which is a company promoting active measures to improve its employees' health through sports, by Japan Sports Agency.

Sports Yell Company certification is a program started by the Japan Sports Agency in 2017, aiming to encourage an increase in the corporate social value of private companies that are taking active measures to create an environment for employees to enjoy sports and to improve the sports implementation rate of citizens, particularly among the "working generation" from the 20s to 50s. The certification is given to companies that promote improving employees' health through sports, not only competitive activities.

JAPEX places HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) as the top priority in our business activities and has been working for many years to increase employees' health and create a good workplace for their mental and physical health. In addition, we established the JAPEX Health Management Declaration in October 2020 to demonstrate our commitment to promoting health management as one of the JAPEX Group's management issues. Based on these policies and efforts, we applied to this program for the first time and received the certification.

Our current efforts to increase employees' health are as follows:

  • Recommending to take minutes for radio calisthenics or stretch at the beginning of work hours and afternoon
  • Deploying the walking campaign in the company-wide
  • Supporting internal sports circles' activities during out-of-office hours

Under the JAPEX Health Management Declaration, we will make further efforts to contribute to keeping and increasing our employees' health.

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Sports Yell Company (Japan Sports Agency)

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