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Notice to Fraudulent Contacts Pretending to be JAPEX

Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX) has recently recognized several cases concerning fraudulent contacts from persons pretending to be personnel or affiliations of JAPEX. Please be aware that JAPEX and its group companies (hereinafter "the JAPEX group") are not related to the following examples and shall not be responsible for any damages caused thereby.

1. Fraudulent business invitation pretending to be JAPEX Malaysia Regional Office

In Southeast Asia, someone pretending to be personnel of JAPEX Malaysia Regional Office sent a fraudulent letter of business invitation to participate in a development project of oil and gas field in Malaysia with the company logo mark and false contact information pretending to JAPEX personnel.

There is no JAPEX office in Malaysia, and the JAPEX group is not related to the project stated in the fraudulent letter.

2. Bank transfer fraud pretending to be the person concerned with JAPEX using instant messaging application

Someone pretending to the person concerned JAPEX sent messages via a instant messaging application "LINE" as the image on the PDF version, asking to remit 320,000 yen temporarily for the delivery charge before receiving equipment, since that person is working offshore and cannot remit the money immediately.

The JAPEX group is not related to the person who sent the message.

3. Hotel reservation fraud pretending to JAPEX personnel

In Europe, someone pretending to JAPEX personnel made fraudulent hotel reservations by e-mail using free domain address with false contact information and wrong corporate logo mark. The JAPEX group is not related to the person who sent the e-mail to make these fraudulent reservations.

Please note that the information in the news is as of the announcement date and may be subject to change without notice.

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