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The oil and natural gas development business relies on geology, geophysics, exploration technology, drilling technology, reservoir engineering, and information technology. While E&P companies often must outsource many of these technologies, the JAPEX Group, having evolved as a company with a fully integrated oil and natural gas development business, boasts the competitive advantage of accumulated technologies essential for exploration, development, production and transport.

JAPEX has Technology Division including JAPEX Research Center (JAPEXRC) that carries to develop component technologies, collect and update information, study for applying new technologies, and support or validate plans and constructions of wells and facilities with a focus on oil and gas E&P both domestic and overseas for long-term stable supply of energy. In addition to traditional E&P as core of our business, we are aiming to acquire and develop new knowledge and technologies particularly environment and innovative ones such as methane hydrate, CCS, geothermal due to expansion of our business area.

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