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Technical Service

JAPEX Research Center maintains equipment and human resources to provide a broad range of analytical services required for exploration, development, production and transportation of oil and natural gas. These services are provided to support in-house as well as third party E&P activities.

Contact of Technical Services Provided by JAPEX Research Center

JAPEX Research Center 1-2-1 Hamada, Mihama-ku, Chiba-City, Chiba
261-0025 JAPAN
Tel: +81-43-275-9311 FAX: +81-43-275-9316
Items of Research and Analysis

Core Analysis

・Core preparation (coring, cleaning, drying)
・Porosity, Grain density
・Permeability (air, water)
・Permeability under confining pressure
・Pressure decay profile permeability
・Capillary pressure (centrifuge)
・Capillary pressure (mercury injection)
・Porosimetry (mercury intrusion porosimetry equipment)
・Threshold pressure
・Relative permeability (core flooding test)
・Triaxial rock testing
・Elastic wave measurement

Brochure of Core Analysis (661KB)PDF

Image of Core Sample

Microfossil Analysis (Determination of geological age, Reconstruction of paleoenvironment)

・Calcareous Nannofossils

Brochure of Microfossil Analyses (406KB)PDF

Petrological Analysis

・Blue resin injection, Thin section preparation
・Examination of thin sections
・X-ray powder diffraction (XRD)
・X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF)
・Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
・Energy-dispersive spectroscopy with SEM
・Fluid inclusion microthermometry
・Cathodoluminescence microscopy
・Carbon and oxygen isotopic composition of carbonates
・Grain size determination (sieving and thin section methods)
・Thermal conductivity measurement
・Magnetic susceptibility measurement

Brochure of Petrological Analysis (737KB)PDF

Image of Rock Sample

Water Analysis

・General water analyses (Ion chromatograph, ICP-OES, TOC, etc.)
・Isotopic composition of water (D/H and 18O/16O; IRMS or Cavity ring-down spectroscopy)
・Organic acids
・Scale precipitation evaluation

Brochure of Water Analysis (304KB)PDF

Chemical Analysis of Natural Gas and Crude Oil 

・General gas composition (O2, N2, CO2, C1-C6)
・Compound-specific carbon isotopic analyses for gases (C1, C2, C3, C4, CO2)
・Biomarker analyses (Steranes, Triterpanes, Isoprenoids, etc.)
・Composition of gasoline range hydrocarbons (C5-C8)

Brochure of Chemical Analysis of Natural Gas and Crude Oil (482KB)PDF

Source Rock Analysis

・Total organic carbon content
・Rock-Eval pyrolysis
・Activation energies distribution evaluation
・Vitrinite reflectance measurement
・Adsorbed hydrocarbon analysis (Headspace gas analysis)
・Solvent extraction of bitumen
・Liquid chromatography for bitumen
・Biomarker analyses for bitumen
・Carbon isotopic analyses for bitumen and kerogen

Brochure of Source Rock Analysis (240KB)PDF

Crude Oil Analysis

・Density, Kinematic Viscosity, Pour Point / Cloud Point
・Sulfur Content, Carbon Residue, Wax Content, Distillation Test, Oil Component(C3-C120), Reaction, Ash, Water Content, Water & Sediment Content, SARA Analysis

Brochure of Crude Oil Analysis (351KB)PDF