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Corporate Report

JAPEX issues the Corporate Report annually since 2016 that are combining the two corporate publications which are the Annual Report focusing on business management and financial results, and the CSR report highlighting social and environmental efforts and activities. It aims to offer an easy-to-understand overview of our activities over the year from the business, social, and environmental perspectives and to gain understandings of our entire activities as a global company, aiming for the integrated promotion of growth strategies and CSR activities.

We consider this report to be a valuable tool to facilitate communications with our stakeholders.

Corporate Report 2018
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(Notice) We published the two separated publication as the Annual Report and the CSR Report until FY2015/3. And FY means “the Fiscal Year” as 12 months from April 1 to March 31 of next year.

FY2017/3 Corporate Report 2017 (10.20MB)PDFFinancial Data Book (1.67MB) PDF
FY2016/3 Corporate Report 2016 (10.82MB)PDFFinancial Data Book (812KB) PDF
FY2015/3 Annual Report 2015 (18.37MB) PDF CSR Report 2015 (28.18MB) PDF
FY2014/3 Annual Report 2014 (9.49MB) PDF CSR Report 2014 (9.48MB) PDF
FY2013/3 Annual Report 2013 (6.62MB) PDF CSR Report 2013 (11.31MB) PDF
FY2012/3 Annual Report 2012 (7.94MB) PDF  
FY2011/3 Annual Report 2011 (10.38MB) PDF
FY2010/3 Annual Report 2010 (9.32MB) PDF
FY2009/3 Annual Report 2009 (3.68MB) PDF
FY2008/3 Annual Report 2008 (2.32MB) PDF
FY2007/3 Annual Report 2007 (2.87MB) PDF
FY2006/3 Annual Report 2006 (2.78MB) PDF
FY2005/3 Annual Report 2005 (1.96MB) PDF
FY2004/3 Annual Report 2004 (1.71MB) PDF
FY2003/3 Annual Report 2003 (654KB) PDF