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Building Good Relationships with Stakeholders

Safety and Quality Control of Products and Disclosure to Clients

JAPEX is dedicated to the safe and stable supply of reliable products to our clients. We pay the closest attention to safety and quality control with our products based on in-depth understanding of their characteristics, and we provide all necessary information to clients and people in local communities. Should an emergency arise, we deal with the situation in close cooperation with inside and outside concerned parties while promptly providing information to our clients.

We carry out exhaustive checks to see that our products satisfy all laws and regulations, sales contract terms, and our own voluntary standards for quality and safety. Water and other impurities are removed from crude oil and natural gas by processing plants at production sites. We regularly analyze samples to ensure required levels of safety and quality are maintained. We also issue safety data sheets, which provide clients with information regarding hazardous materials, their constituents, and how they should be handled. We have built a safety management system to prevent leakage at every stage, including production, storage, and transport. We regularly conduct drills involving the tanker trucks and ships used to transport crude oil and LNG, as well as natural gas pipelines. We also prepare manuals on accident prevention, provide outsourced transportation companies with information on transport safety, and work with other companies to ensure supply stability through the mutual exchange of products in an emergency.

We not only strive to provide stable supplies and ensure the highest level of safety management, but we also make every endeavor to explain our products and business activities to clients. Such efforts include providing information and hosting tours of oil and gas fields and facilities. Looking to supply products that satisfy clients, we respond to clients feedback by making prompt and appropriate improvements and sharing information among the relevant offices and representatives.

Information Disclosure to Shareholders and Investors

JAPEX discloses information on our business and other matters to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders fairly, appropriately, and timely in accordance with laws and regulations as well as the Timely Disclosure Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

For shareholders, we publish the Business Report twice a year and hold site visit to promote understanding and interest to our company.

For institutional investors and securities analysts, we are holding presentation meeting of consolidated financial results twice a year. In addition, we are having dialogue with investors in order to receive feedbacks.

Shareholders' Event

Commitment to Transaction Partners

JAPEX undertakes fair and impartial procurement activities in accordance with the basic procurement principles set out below.

Providing Fair Opportunities

We conduct procurement through fair and impartial competitions on the principle of providing opportunities not only to suppliers and contractors who have worked with us but also to those who have a good reputation and the potential to become partners in the future. In choosing suppliers and contractors, we fairly and comprehensively compare and evaluate quality, prices, delivery times, technical abilities, reliability, financial conditions, and other considerations to make economically sound decisions.

Balancing between Competition and Cooperation

We aim at mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and contractors through fair and impartial procurement activities. With actual business transactions, we carefully assess the dependability of delivery and work times as well as materials and work process management with a view to maintaining good and stable long term relationships with business partners.


In our procurement activities, we comply with relevant laws and regulations, their spirit, and social ethics and norms, and we ask suppliers and contractors to do the same. We do not make any business deal which is contrary and harmful to maintaining the trust of society. We seek to maintain a stable and safe business environment in cooperation with our business partners.

Participation in National Policies

Development of crude oil and natural gas is one of the highest-priority national policy issues. JAPEX is actively involved in discussions on national policies through our participation in such industry groups as the Japan Petroleum Development Association and the Japan Natural Gas Association and in government study groups and advisory councils.

Through industry groups JAPEX submits a number of documents to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, such as a "Policy and Budget Request Submission" and "Tax System Submission." With a view to ensuring the stable and inexpensive supply of energy, we also submit proposals on regulations more effective and efficient to the government committee tasked with reforming it.