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Relationship with Local Communities

Initiaves in Overseas

Canada (JACOS)

Japan Canada Oil Sands Limited (JACOS), our local subsidiary to promote the oil sands development in Canada, conducts the organization management with high regarding for diversity, including employment of local personnel having various ethical and cultural backgrounds with careful consideration of the labor market and practices.

JACOS has a continuous dialogue with the local community for gaining their understanding of our business activities and makes effort to build the corporative relationship through social contributions such as joining and donating to local events as well as local employment.

Also, JACOS supports to generate job opportunities and to develop human resources aiming for regional vitalization.

In the community around our operation sites, a joint association “Indigenous Advisory Group” is set by the indigenous people and JACOS to share each knowledge and idea on the environmental protection for extensive cooperation in the environment, social, and economic matters.

Furthermore, JACOS financially supports the local education programs and scholarships for local students, aiming to generate their business opportunities, which are supposed to increase future demand, such as environmental monitoring and land restoration.

Joint Field Study with the ARG

Iraq (Japex Garraf Ltd.)

Garraf project, which is promoting the oil development of the Garraf oil field in Iraq, promotes various contribution activities to local communities, led by PETRONAS as an operator. JAPEX participates in the project through our subsidiary Japex Garraf Ltd. and also supports the local activities by funding.

These local activities mainly focus on the contribution to education and social welfare. Current supports for education are construction and restoration of schoolhouses, repair of school desks and chairs, donation of school supplies, and science and mathematics classes for primary school students.

As supports for social welfare, a small water purification facility was donated for improving access to clean water, to solve an issue in surrounding areas.

Also, food providing in the Islamic Ramadan month, meat distribution to low-income families during the Eid al-Adha festival, and cloth donation to orphans have been implemented.

Primary School in Iraq

Indonesia (KEI)

Kangean Energy Indonesia Ltd. (KEI), which is a local project company to operate the Kangean gas field project, engages in the contribution activities for building good relationships with local communities in Pagerungan Island and others nearby islands.

KEI has supported local communities, such as providing electricity from the private generator of KEI production facilities and clean water for free, and voluntary dispatching doctors of the production facilities to community clinics.

Also, KEI Also, KEI makes donations every year to Pagerungan Island and other nearby islands, to support the development and improvement of education, health, economy, environment, and infrastructure. The donations are used for the port expansion, infrastructure development such as the road, planting support of mangrove trees, education and scholarship support for students and teachers, and supply of nutritional supplements to infants.

Power Generation Equipment in Indonesia

Initiatives in Japan

Exchanges with Local Communities

By deepen exchanges with local communities around our offices and production facilities, we make efforts to promote their understanding of our business activities.

We participate in events and seminars of local governments and associations, have our business site tours for local governments and companies, and accept facility tours and workplace experiences for students of elementary school to university.

Besides, the JAPEX Group subsidiaries and affiliated companies promote exchanges with local communities. Shirone Gas Co., Ltd. (Shirone City, Niigata Prefecture) holds an annual event “Gas Exhibition” to promote understanding of gas and food education activities for local kindergartens and nursery schools.

As a member of the local community, the JAPEX Group supports major regional events such as seasonal festivals in each region of our business sites.

Tomakomai Port Festival

Akita Kanto Festival

Nagaoka Feetival

Giant Kite Battle with Niigata City,Nagaoka City,Mitsuke City

Volunteer Activities

We engage in various volunteer activities, mainly in the regions of our business sites.

Significant actual of our volunteer participation was the recovery of disaster damages by earthquakes, torrential rains, and typhoons around our business sites. Soma District Office joins local events such as the industry festival and the tree planting event in Shinchi Town, Fukushima Prefecture, where is aiming at the reconstruction and revitalization from the damage of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Volunteer activities for the improvement of safety and relief in local communities are conducted by the local offices and our group companies.

Since 2011, staffs of Nagaoka District Office have been acting as guides at crossroads of no traffic lights at the time of going to and from the school on three days in a week, to ensure the safety of local elementary and junior high school students. This activity has started to improve our high safety awareness through protecting children of the traffic vulnerable as well as contributing to the local community and has involved over 2,000 employees.

Hokkaido District Office annually participates in the traffic safety campaign "Large Scale Wave of Flags Campaign" hosted by the Traffic Safety Promotion Committee.

Our subsidiaries, Shirone Gas Co., Ltd. and Natori maintenance office of Japex Pipeline Co., Ltd. (Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture), have been offering a community patrol service at the same timing of the usual inspection patrol. This patrol contributes to improving security feeling and crime deterrence effects in the community by watching children and the suspicious person on school streets in cooperation with police, local authorities, and school.

Traffic Safety Volunteer Activities in Nagaoka

Letter of Appreciation from Elementary School Students in Nagaoka

Prior Explanation of Works

We conduct the investigation work such as oil and natural gas exploration outside our premises and on-site work to be known in advance, with the locals understanding and corporation of local governments, fire departments, landowners, and people concerned, by prior explanation and publication.

When drawing up the work plan, particularly at the unmanaged site, we consider minimizing effect to surrounding areas with visiting related parties and gathering the necessary information.

Industry-Academia Collaboration / Support for Engineer Development

Aiming to contribute to the advance of energy development in Japan, the JAPEX Group supports the researches concerning advanced technology development of energy field by joint study and the lecturer dispatching to universities and research institutions. We associate with the Summer School of Oil Development, which is a community of students majoring in petroleum development, to support the development of human resources who will take the future of the oil and gas industry.

For the support of students’ higher specialization and career development, we have the student internship program at our offices in Japan and overseas, including group companies, the research center, and actual work sites such as oil and gas production sites, LNG operation sites, and geophysical exploration sites. During the internships period about a week to a month, practical works are provided, including technical practices on the production and operation sites, legal and corporate administration ones at headquarters. Some of the practical programs are recognized as credits in university.

Furthermore, we are putting effort to participate in the activities of the education and human resource development in the industry by dispatching our specialists to outside seminars as the lecturer: foreign engineer support programs, specialized technology courses, project seminars, and programs to learn fundamental knowledge on petroleum mining by Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), as well as the petroleum seminars by the Japan Petroleum Development Association.