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Occupational Health and Safety

HSE Management System

JAPEX regards HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) as the top priority in our business activities and is committed to "JAPEX HSE policy" following the declaration to ensure HSE and protect the environment. To implement this policy, we organize our HSE Management System (HSE-MS) and apply it to all of our operational projects, including overseas.

HSE-MS stipulates the structure of HSE organization at first and practical details such as risk assessment methods, objectives and targets, educations, operational management for work and activities, HSE-MS audits, and management review. Based on repeating PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycles, we are aiming for the continuous operation and sustainable improvement of our HSE-MS.

Besides, the HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environment) Committee is established for the formulation and approval of our HSE policy and reviews the entire system of HSE-MS as well.

Conceptual Diagram of PDCA Cycle in HSE-MS

Conceptual Diagram of PDCA Cycle in HSE-MS

HSE Management Structure

HSE Management Structure

Mid-term HSE Plan (2018-2020)

Since the consideration of the importance of developing a company-wide consensus on mid-term HSE strategy and acting in compliance with the strategy in all worksites of Japan and overseas, the JAPEX Mid-term HSE Plan was developed in fiscal 2017, approved by the HSSE Committee. In line with the items of the plan, each district office set particular goals and has been striving to achieve them.

HSE Training

JAPEX undertakes the organizational and designed HSE training programs to support sanitary and safe working practices among all our personnel. The critical role in our HSE operation, including HSE administrators, work supervisors, site workers, who are responsible for the onsite safety in our work sites treating gas, are required legal or voluntary qualification. And they are encouraged to join internal and external training and to get those qualifications. To motivate them with the incentive program, we aim to secure qualified staffs stably.

We also aim to penetrate and instill the general thinking of "HSE as the top priority" as a company-wide HSE culture. For that, information about accidents/disasters and energy usage is regularly shared, and lectures on HSE topics such as occupational safety and environmental problems by outside speakers are held. Also, "HSE moments" is set at the beginning of internal meetings to make a short speech by an attendee, for sharing their experiences or notices regarding HSE.

HSE-MS Audits

HSE-MS audits conduct at each worksite to check the current status of observing HSE-related laws and ordinances as well as HSE-MS implementation. We also check the status of HSE activities across the various fields, including risk assessment and HSE training.

And, professional nurtures and trainings of internal HSE-MS auditors is regularly executed.

Process Safety (Asset and Process Safety Management)

We have been building the system for adopting process safety to prevent large-scale accidents and disasters.

Although serious accidents required process safety are regarded to occur less frequently than occupational injuries, in case of its occurrence, it would be likely to cause massive loss of life, destruction of facilities, and severe environmental pollution. Therefore, we secure the safety of facilities in its design, construction, operation, and maintenance by comprehensive and systematic process safety approaches. Preventing serious accidents by ensuring the safety using that approach will make contributions to improve our productivity and labor safety further.

Since fiscal 2017, we organized awareness sessions at each of domestic worksites, and developed guidelines and manuals, in order to penetrate our process safety approaches in a company-wide.

Measures for Maintenance and Enhancement of Health

JAPEX has been promoting health and productivity management based on the consideration that employees' health will contribute to sustainable corporate growth. We have been discussing a practical policy for a comfortable working environment in the Health and Safety committee, and promote measures for employees' health maintenance and enhancement based on “JAPEX Group Code of Ethics and Conduct” and “JAPEX HSE Policy.”

Annual statutory health checkup and stress check test are provided to all employees, and comprehensive medical examinations are also recommended to employees aged 35 or 40 and above. To encourage awareness of lifestyle-related diseases among young employees, we carry out abdominal measurements on employees aged less than 40 as well.

After health checkups, follow-ups are executed to employees who have high potential risks on their health by consultations with industrial physicians and encourage other employees for the encouragement of health improvement and disease prevention, including after retirement. Furthermore, disordered employees by mental stresses are supported to take a balance of work and treatment and to return their work from sick leave by supporting the system.

For measures against infection, we provide thorough educations on the prevention of Influenza and subsidize vaccinations and mass vaccinations at our offices. And we are ready for BCP measures against the pandemic of new Influenza and others if necessary.

Other than, we hold health sessions by industrial physicians, mental health seminar, anti-smoking campaign, to raise company-wide health level.

Particularly to overseas expatriates and their families, medical checkups and vaccinations are executed. Also, we confirm the employees’ medical risks at each worksite in Japan and overseas, as a part of the HSE-MS measures.

JAPEX has been selected "the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program" for 4 years in a row from 2017, as enterprises pursuing efforts for excellent health and productivity management.