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Human Resources Development and Training

Policy and Career Development System

JAPEX introduced a career development program in fiscal 2014 to support each employee for developing individual skills and achieving their own career visions.

We have defined the three roles in view of contribution to our business: global leaders who can be responsible for strategy formulation and business promotion, business leaders who can manage function-specific organizations, and advanced specialists who can contribute to businesses through expertise in specialized fields. Based on the career development guidelines established according to these definitions, each employee chooses the career course and will be supported for their proactive experiments and learnings with regular basis communication with the manager.

Educational Programs

As the company-wide support program for individual career development, our employees have the opportunities to join: career design training for setting their future voluntarily career goals, career stage training for the awareness of employee roles at each position, and business skills training such as logical thinking and better presentations.

For developing the human resources working in overseas projects, we have educational programs including the overseas study program at graduate schools in the United States, training at our overseas offices and educational institutions, specific opportunities for studying negotiation and agreement, finance, and project case studies, as well as improvement of English language. In fiscal 2017, we organized training programs for the enhancement of capabilities in project management and leadership, and the improvement of practical skills in the commercial evaluation.

Training System Overview (Excluding Specialist Training by Each Division)

Training System Overview