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Crisis Management

Initiatives for Safe Work Practices in Overseas

The most important thing when conducting business overseas is to ensure employees' safety. In JAPEX, the HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environment) committee formulates the basic policies of overseas security measure and deliberates material matters. Also, the overseas security measures working group, organized the human resource department and the general managers of relevant departments, engages the daily activities including gathering global security information and determining availabilities of overseas business trips.

In order to enhance the crisis management capabilities, we have been implementing the drills on the assumption of overseas emergency to validate the status of its contact function between the headquarters and overseas offices. Also, lectures and practices concerning the safety of overseas trips are held.

Emergency Response

JAPEX has formulated the emergency response measures guideline and its manual against emergencies that affect employees, facilities, operations, and sales. In case of emergency, we will execute to collect information, contact, and provide instructions following the guideline and manual. In order to respond to an emergency, we establish an emergency response center and emergency response team in the headquarters, and local emergency response centers at each district office, if necessary.

In the headquarters and district offices, we have been conducting emergency drills at least once a year, and have been improving our emergency response measures guideline and manual.

Countermeasures against Large-Scale Disasters

As the countermeasures against large-scale disasters, JAPEX has been conducting drills regularly based on the disaster prevention measures guideline for the headquarters, and the contingency plan guideline for each district office.

In order to ensure the human lives and physical safety, reduce damage, and recover essential business activities in case of large–scale disasters, we are reviewing response measures and strengthening our crisis response system, including the conduct of various drills, based on the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake in 2018 at our offices and facilities.

Countermeasures against New Influenza

As a company providing lifelines that support the lives of the people, JAPEX regards that it is required to continue supplying energy to a certain extent, even at the time of a highly virulent influenza pandemic. Therefore, we have formulated “the business continuity plan with countermeasures against new influenza,” including infection-control measures for employees. By updating this plan as needed, we prepare for ensuring safety of the employees’ safety and continuing business activities.