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President Message

Hideichi Okada

JAPEX was established in 1955 as an oil and gas E&P company, and we have been striving to contribute technical innovation of E&P and stable supply of energy in Japan under the corporate vision of “Contributing to Local Communities through the Stable Supply of Energy.” Also we have been aiming to expand our business field and increase our corporate value over the years.

On the other hand, the circumstance of oil and gas market surrounding us has been changing dramatically in recent years. The market balance of oil and gas and its price range are significantly swinging due to increasing production of shale oil and gas in the United States by technical innovation and demands for oil and gas from emerging countries. In addition, the trend of technological development for the renewable energy and new energy resources is accelerating with the view to growing awareness of environmental issues and diversification of energy resources.

Under these circumstances, JAPEX formulated the Long-Term Business Vision for the next ten years, and the new five-year Medium-Term Business Plan on May 2015 to accomplish the vision of “Transformation to the Integrated Energy Company around Oil and Gas E&P Business”. We recognized three major business areas under the Vision and Plan as E&P Business, Domestic Natural Gas Business, and Environment and Innovative Technology Business in the Vision and Plan. In E&P Business as our core area, we are carrying out safety production operations at existing oil and gas fields and engagement of ongoing overseas projects. Regarding Domestic Natural Gas Business, we are further enhancing our supply infrastructure and procurement diversification of natural gas source for responding long-term demands. For Environment and Innovative Technology Business, we are aiming to develop technologies for practical use and commercialization particularly in methane hydrate, CCS and geothermal power generation.

JAPEX considers that oil and gas could take the significant role in demand for primary energy for a long time future. In the meanwhile, we are also aware of a necessity for business diversification to correspond for the change of business circumstance. We have been expanding our business area based on E&P technologies and framework of oil and gas supply including natural gas power generation. Through these initiatives, JAPEX will endeavor to develop our competitiveness in the energy market and increase our corporate value.

We greatly appreciate the continued understanding and support of all stakeholders for us.