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Basic Policy

All executives and employees in the JAPEX Group commit to act ethically and sincerely, to comply with socially accepted norms as well as laws and ordinances and to firmly entrench the corporate culture emphasizing compliance.

Compliance Systems and Training

JAPEX has established the Internal Control Committee to deliberate policies for systems to ensure the appropriate conduct of business and to investigate the facts related to compliance violations.

Also, the JAPEX Group strives to heighten awareness of compliance among its executives and employees aiming to carry out their business affairs in accordance with "the JAPEX Group Code of Conduct." To that end, its guidelines are appropriately revised, which summarize key matters and standards to be observed as well as its explanatory supplement containing case studies.

In particular, "CSR," “Compliance,” and "Prevention of Insider Trading" are considered as primary matters to the employees in their daily business operations. Accordingly, new employees and those employees who are at appropriate stages in their careers are required to take mandatory training programs concerning compliance.

In addition, seminars on the latest trend of CSR activities, such as climate change, human rights issues, and technological innovation as well as the challenge of environment and society have been held for the executives.

Respect for Human Rights

The JAPEX Group Code of Conduct sets out respect for the international norms, and it requires our behavior in consideration of the stakeholders and respect for human rights without discrimination and harassment. Based on this code of conduct, the compliance manual gives specific instructions particularly regarding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Bill on Human Rights.

For raising further awareness among the executives and employees, we have been implementing company-wide activities such as holding workplace harassment seminars for all executives and employees, and conduct an annual CSR survey including questions referred “Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption” from key principles of UN Global Compact and its related laws and regulations.

In our overseas business, we regard the rights of indigenous peoples, respect for their cultures and customs and consider human rights as extremely important.

Japan Canada Oil Sands Limited (JACOS), our local subsidiary conducting oil sands development in Alberta of Canada, put in place a system to incorporate views of indigenous people and pursues our business in cooperation with them. Recognizing their effort, JACOS was awarded "Responsible Energy Award" by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) in 2014.

Also, the JAPEX Group’s statement including our policies and initiatives based on the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, which was enforced in 2015 to identify and eradicate any and all instances of slave labor and human trafficking across the business supply chain, is posted on this website.

Prevention of Bribery and Corruption

The request to compliance with laws and ordinances has been getting more strict in recent years, since Western countries have been taking an increasingly strict approach to the bribery prevention、and emerging countries also have been introducing its laws and ordinance as their economy grows.

The JAPEX Group Code of Conduct determines to keep moral soundness and appropriate relationships with politics and government, and the compliance manual based on this code of conduct gives specific instructions therefor. Each of the executives and employees is strictly required to comply therewith.

Also, the bribery prevention guideline was formulated in April 2016 with the approval by the Internal Control Committee. In order to ensure our compliance for the anti-bribery laws and ordinances, this guideline stipulates the establishment of operational framework and clarification of internal approval procedure with operational measures such as periodic self-checks and check sheets for business partners. To fully disseminate the guideline in the JAPEX group, all executives and employees are required to attend training sessions concerning bribery prevention.

Report and Consultation Systems

JAPEX has the report and consultant system to report or consult about compliance requirements including the respect of human rights, fair procurement and trade, and proper and appropriate relationship with politics and government. The system ensures the external helpline directly asking the corporate attorney, providing confidentiality being able to ask anonymously, and prohibiting unfair treatment, in order to protect those who use them.

Diagram of Contact Point for Report and Consultation

Diagram of Contact Point for Report and Consultation