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Natural Gas Supply Chain

For meeting domestic demands of natural gas and LNG (liquefied natural gas) as cleaner energy compared to the other fossil fuels, JAPEX will strengthen its supply capacity of natural gas in Japan by various competitive sources combined with natural gas produced in Japan and LNG procured in overseas, and the expansion of its supply network.

Our 800 kilometers network of the high-pressure gas pipeline is the core of our supply chain. We supply natural gas to our clients including local gas distributors, manufacturing plants, and power plants from our domestic gas fields and LNG vaporized gas from LNG terminals via the pipeline. By delivering natural gas through the pipeline network from both side of the Japan Sea and the Pacific Ocean, it will further improve its amount and stability including in case of emergency.

Furthermore, we have been operating an LNG satellite system to supply LNG from the LNG terminal to our clients in its local regions by tank trucks, LNG tank containers via railways, and coastal vessels.

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Natural Gas Pipeline

LNG Containers at a terminal