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Soma LNG Terminal

At the Soma port in Shinchi Town of Fukushima Prefecture, JAPEX has commenced the commercial operation of Soma LNG Terminal since March 2018, which consists of a ground-type LNG tank with the largest class capacity of 230,000 kiloliters, and other facilities including LNG vaporization equipment, gas compressor into the pipeline, loading facilities for tank trucks, and two jetties for ocean-going carriers and domestic vessels.

This LNG terminal receives LNG from overseas, and provides its vaporized gas to our gas pipeline network via Soma-Iwanuma Gas Pipeline. And the terminal is able to supply LNG by a satellite system such as a domestic vessel to Yufutsu LNG Receiving Terminal, LNG tank trucks, and LNG tank containers on rail in regions not served by gas pipeline networks.

To strengthen the capacity of our natural gas supply for wider Tohoku area, the terminal plays important role. And the stability of natural gas supply along our pipeline network is further improved by connecting the Japan sea side and the Pacific Ocean side via Niigata-Sendai Gas Pipeline which is our main line. In addition, as the first LNG terminal in Fukushima, the terminal is expected to contribute for the revitalization of neighborhood regions through developing new regional economics and clusters of industries, creating job opportunities, activating local community led by supplying natural gas and other energy sources.

Moreover, following the decision on the commercialization of the natural gas-fired power generation project at the Soma port which is conducted by Fukushima Gas Power Co., Ltd. (FGP) and joining the five business partners including JAPEX, No.2 LNG tank of 230,000 kiloliters capacity and additional vaporization equipment are constructed in the LNG terminal, under the management by JAPEX based on the contract with FGP. JAPEX is in charge of its operation and maintenance as well as receiving, storing, and vaporizing LNG and supplying vaporized natural gas for fuel of power generation to Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant adjacent to the terminal, also based on the contract with FGP.

Outline of Soma LNG Terminal

Site Soma LNG Terminal (JAPEX Soma District Office)
Site Area Approximately 20 hectare
Main Facilities LNG tank with a capacity of 230,000 kiloliters (No.1 tank), Jetties for ocean-going careers to receive LNG / coastal vessels to receive LPG and ship LNG, LNG vaporization plants, LNG shipping facility for tank trucks
※In addition, the second phase to construct additional ground-type LNG tank with a capacity of 230,000 kiloliters (No.2 tank) and additional LNG vaporization equipment has been started in April 2017 (planned to commence operation in 2020)

Image of Soma LNG Terminal including 2nd Phase, and Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant
Image of Soma LNG Terminal including 2nd Phase, and Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant

Soma Project Movie Introduction Movie of Soma Project (6:08)