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LNG Satellite System

JAPEX has been operating an LNG Satellite System in Japan to supply LNG, which is produced by cooling natural gas to the extremely low temperature of minus 162 degrees Celsius, for meeting demands of natural gas in regions not served by gas pipeline networks.

Since 1984, JAPEX has been conducting LNG satellite system by tank trucks to supply imported LNG received at an LNG receiving terminal to our customers mainly the Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) in the Honshu area. From 2000, we have been supplying LNG to wider area customers by the transportation of LNG tank container via railways which was developed by JAPEX.

Transportation via Tank Trucks and Railways

Transportation of LNG tank container on rail

Transportation of LNG tank container is a breakthrough solution developed by JAPEX. This is an environmentally friendly solution which would be lower CO2 emission compared to transportation by tank trucks.

Based on our experiences and insights, JAPEX may provide consultancy services for transportation of LNG tank container on rail to those who are interested in utilizing the solution. Please feel free to contact us at: for any questions / inquiries.