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Fukushima Natural Gas Power Plant

JAPEX has been jointly promoting the Natural Gas-fired Power Generation Project at the Soma port in Shinchi Town, Fukushima Prefecture through Fukushima Gas Power Co., Ltd. (FGP) which was established as a special purpose vehicle by the five business partner companies including JAPEX.

The Power Plant, which is the base of this project, has two power generation GTCC (Gas Turbine Combined-Cycle) units; each of which can generate 590 thousand kilowatts using vaporized natural gas as fuel supplied from JAPEX's Soma LNG Terminal located adjacent to the plant. This plant is considered environmentally-friendly with using natural gas as lower environmental burden fuel than other fossil fuels and adopting GTCC as the most efficient system at the moment.

The commercial operation of the No.1 power plant commenced on April 30, 2020. And the No.2 plant will begin the commercial operation in the summer of 2020.

By promoting this project, FGP and the five business partner companies will contribute to stable supply of the electric power with a low environmental burden for expectation of increasing demands particularly in the widely metropolitan region and the development of economy and industry in surrounding community of the plant.

Furthermore, JAPEX will promote this power generation project as one of our major business to enhance our corporate value for the realization of “Transformation to an Integrated Energy Company with a Focus on Oil and Gas E&P” in the Long-term Business Vision and the Mid-term Business Plan.

No.1 Power Plant

Panoramic view of the Power Plant