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CCS (Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage)

CCS (Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage) is the method to capture CO2 from power stations or industrial facilities without emitting it to the atmosphere, and store it stably for a long term in deep underground which is suitable for geological sequestration such as depleted oil and gas reservoirs, coal reservoirs, and aquifers.

To correspond the global-scale problems such as global warming and low-carbonization/decarbonization, CCS is expected a highly practical, reliable and safe technology for a large-scale reduction of carbon emissions. The maximum CO2 storage capacity in Japan is estimated to be approximately 146 billion tons according to an outline study (*1), and its further survey is underway since 2014.

In May 2008, Japan CCS Co., Ltd. (JCCS) was established by several private companies including JAPEX, aiming for commercialization of CCS technology. The government referred to aim its commercialization by 2020 in the “Strategic Energy Plan” formulated in 2014. JCCS has been conducting the CCS demonstration project in Tomakomai, Hokkaido since April 2012 as a commissioning by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan), and has been processing of CO2 injection test since April 2016.

JAPEX will contribute to the commercialization of CCS by providing the advanced technologies it has acquired through the exploration and production of oil and gas, such as investigating subsurface structures and estimating petrophysical properties, drilling injection wells, production, and fluid migration simulation, and subsurface monitoring based on seismic surveys.

(*1) A report by Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE) in 2005.

Ground facilities of the CCS demonstration project at Tomakomai
Ground facilities of the CCS demonstration project at Tomakomai
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CCUS (Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage)

CCUS is a technology to capture CO2 from industrial facilities and utilize it before storing in the suitable site.

CO2-EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) is an example which is a method whereby CO2 is injected into a production-declined oil field to push out its remaining crude oil and store the CO2 underground. It is considered its adoption in Japan and elsewhere with expecting for reducing CO2 emissions while also increasing crude oil production.

JAPEX has conducted verification tests and surveys in Akita prefecture as well as Indonesia, and it will continue pursuing initiatives for commercializing CCUS in Japan and overseas.