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Our Business

JAPEX is engaged in oil and gas E&P (exploration and production) Business in Japan and overseas for contributing to stable energy supply.

In addition to E&P as our core business, Infrastructure & Utility Business and New Business Development are regarded as our primary business: Infrastructure & Utility Business is ensuring stable supply of natural gas as the cleaner energy and electric power supply generating by natural gas, and New Business Development is pursuing realization of next-gen technologies utilizing our accumulated E&P technologies and knowledge, development of new energies and new business in the related field of oil and gas E&P.

The JAPEX group will endeavor to "Growth to the Integrated Energy Company Utilizing our Oil and Gas E&P and its Supply Basis" by executing our primary business, and we will play active role for the resolution of global-scale issues particularly in low-carbon/decarbonization while responding demands for stable supply of oil and gas by society and clients.