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United States

Since August 2012, JAPEX has been participating in tight oil (shale oil) development by acquiring interest of a block located in Eagle Ford, Southern Texas, United States through JAPEX (U.S.) Corp. We are promoting to accumulate knowledge of advanced technology by working with the operator Marathon Oil Corp, who has experience in tight oil development. By utilizing accumulated knowledge in this project, we are aiming to improve economics of both ongoing and future E&P projects in Japan and overseas.

Also, Japex (U.S.) Corp. invests to an upstream/midstream LNG III project in Malaysia through equity-method affiliate Diamond Gas Netherlands B.V. since 1997.

Outline of Tight Oil Development Project

Block Middle McCowen (Atascosa, McMullen and Live Oak Counties in Texas)
Project Company Japex (U.S.) Corp.
Marathon Oil Corporation (Operator)
Japex (U.S.) Corp.
Status Production
  • Drilling site of shale development
  • Drilling rig and office of shale oil development