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In May 2018, JAPEX released the Long-term Vision 2030, a growth strategy toward 2030, and the Medium-term Business Plan 2018-2022, which outlines the direction and key initiatives for management and business over the immediate five-year period.

JAPEX aims to enhance our corporate value by improving our profit structure to enable sustainable growth even in a low oil price environment.

Long-term Vision 2030

Aspiration toward 2030

"Growth to the Comprehensive Energy Company Utilizing our Oil and Gas E&P and its Supply Basis"

Long-term Strategy

  • Under the recognition that oil and gas will play the key role as global primary-energy in medium-to-long term, the JAPEX Group continuously undertakes stable energy supply in response to the changes of needs in the market and clients.
  • The JAPEX Group plays an active role for the resolution of global-scale issues particularly in low-carbon/decarbonization listed in "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" adopted by the United Nation. We make effort to CO2 reduction in our business and is aiming to generate and expand new businesses of environmentally-friendly in non-E&P field including realization of carbon offset technologies and renewable energies.

Long-term Targets

  • Aim to achieve "RRR > 1" by new opportunities and projects of oil and gas E&P.
  • Play the leading role for the realization of CCS technology by utilizing our E&P capabilities which will contribute to carbon offset.
  • Ensure new investment funds under financial discipline of "Debt/EBITDA < 2". Allocate half of the new funds to non-E&P business and transform our business structure so that the business profit ratio will be "6:4 of E&P to non-E&P."

Medium-term Business Plan 2018-2022

Medium-term Strategy

Strive to improve our financial position and diversify our business base in the first five years of the Long-term Vision 2030.

Medium-term Targets

In order to achieve our aspiration toward 2030, aim to improve profitability to reach a level of ROE ≥5% in fiscal 2022, based on the assumption of an oil price of 60USD/bbl.

E&P Business

  • [Long-term targets] Maintain RRR>1.
  • [Medium-term targets] Maintain and increase reserves in Japan and acquire new interests overseas.

Infrastructure and Utilities Business

  • [Long-term targets] Promote the use of low environmental impact energy.
  • [Medium-term targets] Annual domestic natural gas volume handled: 1.6 million tons (LNG equivalent), annual electricity sales: 2.8 billion kWh

New Businesses

  • [Long-term targets] Create environmentally friendly businesses.
  • [Medium-term targets] Develop new business models and discover new business seeds.

Progress Follow-up

The progress of the Long-term Vision 2030 and the Mid-term Business Plan 2018-2022 are unveiled in the explanatory materials for each fiscal year.


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